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    Hub Motor Price List

    When a wheel motor is energized, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, which drives the wheels and propels the vehicle forward. Hub motors are widely used in electric vehicles because of their professional design and low price.

    With the development of technology, although the price is affordable, the production of ATO hub motors has become very mature, and no need to worry about friction, noise and wear caused by lack of precision. Below is the ATO hub motor price list for your reference.

    Hub motor price list

    Hub motor Motor type Operation temperature Noise grade Efficiency IP grade
    hub motor Brushless DC motor -20℃ - 45℃ ≤55 dB ≥82% IP65

    We've listed hub motors in different rated power, reduction ratio, torque, and speed for your reference, they are all at great prices.

    Product Reduction ratio Max torque Rated speed Weight Price
    250W gear hub motor 1:5.2 35 N.m 25 km/ h  3kg $255.85
    500W gear hub motor 1:5.8  40 N.m 25 km/ h  3kg $263.08
    750W gear hub motor 1:5 40 N.m 25-42 km/ h 5kg $340.46
    1000W gear hub motor 1:5.83 95 N.m 45 km/ h 5kg $416.15
    10 inch hub motor 1:4.4 30 N.m 25 km/ h 4kg $438.54
    1000W gearless hub motor / 45-55 N.m 25-42 km/ h 6kg $462.89
    3000W gearless hub motor / 80 N.m 25-70 km/ h 7kg $518.92

    Note: The pH electrodes prices in the table are for reference. If you want to know more specific information or get a better price, please feel free to contact us.

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