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    5 Functions of Electric Hub Motor in Daily Life

    A hub motor is a electrical motor coupled to the wheels of a vehicle. It is commonly used in electric bicycle. The most commonly used hub motor is Brushless DC motor owing to its high torque to weight ratio. The hub motor is usually coupled to the wheels with speed controllers in order to vary the speed of movement of the bicycle.

    Hub Motor Price List

    When a wheel motor is energized, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, which drives the wheels and propels the vehicle forward. Hub motors are widely used in electric vehicles because of their professional design and low price.

    Hub Motor Working Principle

    The hub motor (also called wheel motor, wheel hub drive, wheel hub motor, or in-wheel motor) is characterized by the integration of power, transmission and braking devices into the wheel hub, thus greatly simplifying the mechanical part of electric vehicles. Hub motor is not a new thing, as early as 1900, already manufactured the front wheel equipped with hub motor electric vehicles, in the 1970s, hub motor technology in the field of mining transport vehicles and other applications.