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    Hub Motor Working Principle

    The hub motor (also called wheel motor, wheel hub drive, wheel hub motor, or in-wheel motor) is characterized by the integration of power, transmission and braking devices into the wheel hub, thus greatly simplifying the mechanical part of electric vehicles. Hub motor is not a new thing, as early as 1900, already manufactured the front wheel equipped with hub motor electric vehicles, in the 1970s, hub motor technology in the field of mining transport vehicles and other applications.

    There are two types of hub motors sold online by ATO: gear hub motors and gearless hub motors. This blog will tell you about the hub motor working principle.

    hub motor

    Working principle of a hub motor

    The working principle of a hub motor is an electronic phase changer (switching circuit). According to the position sensor signal, it controls the sequence and time of energizing the stator winding to generate the rotating magnetic field and drive the rotor to rotate.

    The electric vehicle wheel hub motor assembly and control system belong to the automotive parts, which is the key core component of electric vehicle parts.

    The system is characterized by the unique design of the motor system, brake system and suspension system in one, with permanent magnet brushless synchronous electric vehicle hub motor and switched reluctance hub motor, which can be controlled by PWM and AC frequency control. This perfect product design has the features of high efficiency, lightweight, long life, low noise, strong matching, simple structure, easy assembly, complete function, independent suspension, safety and reliability, without axle, transmission and other mechanical parts and directly hanging on the body to install tires, transmission consumption is equal to zero, and rotation efficiency is 100 percent.


    With the traditional motor drive shaft - transmission - differential - axle and another electric vehicle mechanical transmission system has a qualitative change, so the overall structure, drive performance, comprehensive efficiency, range better than any form of drive structure, can be configured into two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive is the first choice of the electric vehicle drive system and can be matched with any type of car, the composition of electric oil hybrid cars, wheel hub motor drive is the future development direction of electric vehicle drive form.

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