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    DC Cooling Fan Working Pinciple

    Today, with the development of modern technology, many industries are applied to the cooling fan. With the changes in applications and ambient temperatures, fans that sometimes need different speeds are needed to meet demand. The fan has the characteristics of long service life, small vibration and low noise. This article briefly introduces the working principle of DC cooling fan.

    DC cooling fan working principle

    The cooling fan is a novel machine electromechanical fan. The electromagnetic induction principle is employed. The Holzer induction element is used as a synchronous detection device, controls a set of circuits, the winding windings, generates a rotary magnetic field and implements electron-changing electronography. The cooling fan has a significant advantage in the range of speed, light, environmentally friendly, controllability, reliability, tolerance and economy of the environment, in the field of high performance requirements, and gradually replaces other types motor.

    The cooling fan is powered by DC power supply. The DC motor consists of two parts of the stator and the rotor. There is a magnetic pole in the stator, and there is a winding on the rotor. After charges, the rotor also forms a magnetic field (magnetic pole) having a corner between the magnetic poles of the stator and the rotor, which is the mutual attraction force of the stator and the rotor magnetic field under the rotation of the motor (N pole and S pole).

    Changing the position of the brush can alter the angle of the rotor magnetic pole (assuming the edge of the stator magnetic pole begins, the magnetic pole of the rotor is another aspect, and the rotor direction is pointing to the direction of the rotation of the engine). After this operation, you can change it. The direction of rotation of the machine.

    What we have to pay attention to is that the fan must be able to provide sufficient ventilation, and when the hot air in the cooling device is at a high temperature, when the hot air temperature is low or the heat flow is small, it is done.

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