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    AC vs. DC Cooling Fan

    With the growing market demand for fans, it has also been applied in various occasions and industries, although now DC cooling fans and AC cooling fans are everywhere in life, but many people are not very clear about these fans will be, so the following to introduce the difference between the two cooling fans. This article explains the differences between DC and AC cooling fans from five aspects.

    1. AC and DC cooling fanPower Supply. DC cooling fans run on direct current, while AC cooling fans run on alternating current.
    2. Working Principle. The principle of a DC cooling fan is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the blade to rotate rapidly through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction. The coil and IC are constantly switched, and the inductive magnetic ring drives the blade to rotate. The principle of ac fan is driven by AC power supply, the voltage will be positive and negative alternating, no need for circuit control, magnetic field. The frequency of power supply is fixed, and the change speed of magnetic pole generated by silicon steel plate is determined by the frequency of power supply. The higher the frequency, the faster the switching speed of magnetic field.
    3. Bearing. In general, the varieties used above the radiator dispersion are: the use of sliding friction sleeve bearings and the use of rolling friction bead bearings and two kinds of bearing forms mixed these three. In recent years, many manufacturers have introduced a lot of new technologies in bearings, such as magnetic floating bearings, water wave bearings, magnetic core bearings, etc, are also improved on the above basic form of bearings, the operating principle is still unchanged. Oil bearing and aukyauk bead bearing are mainly used on ordinary air cooled radiator. Double ball bearings belong to high she products, high precision, high quality, high price, belong to the three high products. Oil-bearing can meet various working conditions, and its service cycle is also very long, the price is low, but the quality is relatively general.
    4. Material. The AC cooling fan frame is usually aluminum, while the DC cooling fan frame is plastic. The high temperature resistance is different. The AC cooling fan frame is better.
    5. Air Volume. For cooling fans of the same size, AC cooling fans have large motor volume and short fan blades, while DC cooling fans have small motors with long fan blades, so the wind flow driven by the unit area is more, the air volume is larger and the heat dissipation capacity is better.
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