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    DC Cooling Fan Troubleshooting

    DC cooling fan troubleshooting

    As the application and ambient temperature change, DC cooling fans with different speeds are sometimes required to meet the cooling requirements of the device, and the DC cooling fans pass through. A heat dissipation device that converts electrical energy into machinery to drive fan blades through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction. In simple terms, the coil and the IC are constantly switched, and the induction magnetic ring starts to rotate from the fan blade. Therefore, it has good heat dissipation effect and is widely used. In this article, we will introduce some methods to deal with common faults of direct current cooling fan.

    Position offset

    Reason: The 4 inch cooling fan automatically shifts. The fasteners that fix the radiator fail, and the resonance phenomenon caused by the rotation of the fan causes the fan to move.

    Solution: Replace with a new fastener.

    Abnormal sound occurs

    Reason: when abnormal sounds rotate, they hear "Da Da" clash, but sometimes they do not. In the chassis, there are a lot of messy data lines and power lines, and sometimes the wires come into contact with the DC cooling fan blades. As a result, the fan turned abnormal when it turned.

    Solution: You can use rubber bands, self-adhesive paper, etc. to fasten the data cables and power cables scattered in the chassis to prevent the 12V DC cooling fan from passing above.

    The rotation is not stable

    DC cooling fan

    Reason: when the DC cooling fan starts, the speed is slow and the noise is loud, and it will return to normal after a period of time. After the same fan is replaced for a period of time, the above phenomenon will still occur. The indoor temperature of the small 12 volt cooling fans is too low, causing the lubricating oil on the rotating bearing to fail.

    Solution: Add antifreeze lubricating oil to the DC cooling fan, and pay attention to the ambient temperature.

    Noisy Noise

    Reason: A peculiar noise is suddenly emitted during use, even louder than the chassis power. It turned out that due to "repair", too much dust had accumulated on the surface of the 12V DC brushless cooling fan and the gap between the radiator. The motor oil of the fan has completely dried, causing the motor to roar.

    Solution: Separate the DC radiator fan from the radiator and clean the radiator directly with tap water. You can wipe it with soft paper first. And then, open the plastic sticker on the back of the fan and add 1-2 drops of normal sewing oil. You can also use grease from toy quads. Do not use too much oil.

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