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    Pull Rope Switch Working Principle

    What is the role of the pull rope switchpull rope switch

    1. Pull rope switch is divided into two kinds of manual reset and automatic reset, we now restore the genus of manual reset; automatic reset may cause error start.
    2. Manual reset action after a self-locking device, can remain in the operating position, the need to manually operate the reset handle can make it return to the initial position.
    3. The pull rope switch is a necessary safety protection device for the belt conveyor to prevent the expansion of the accident and bring significant losses, such as implementing emergency stop when the lower hopper is seriously blocked, the head wheel roller is slipping, sharp objects are cutting through the belt, and the package is seriously blocked.
    4. When an emergency occurs, pulling the pull rope switch anywhere along the line at the site can send a stop signal to achieve the protection of the person and the equipment.

    Working principle of pull rope switch  

    The pull rope switch is a kind of safty switch which is composed of pull rod, reset handle, cam, lock slot and micro switch. The pull rope switch is installed on the frame on both sides of the belt conveyor, and the switch is connected with the steel wire rope along both sides of the conveyor. When an emergency occurs in the conveyor belt equipment, the wire rope is pulled anywhere along the line at the site, and the wire rope pulls the drive arm to rotate, which drives the torque spring through the drive shaft to displace the precision cam and drive the control line, making the conveyor stop running.

    Product Direction Contact Type Return Mode Shell Material Operating Force Indicator
    ATO SFYS LS I rope switch 2-way 6A/380VAC Automatically return Cast aluminum 10kg  Yes

    Classification of pull rope switch

    1. Automatic reset: the action can return to the initial position automatically, but it may lead to a false start.
    2. Manual reset: The device of lock can be kept in working position after the action, and the manual reset handle is needed to return to its initial position.

    Features of ATO pull rope switch

    1. The pull rope switch adopts aluminum alloy precision casting shell, with high strength and light weight.
    2. Shell protection level reaches IP65, which can work in harsh environment.
    3. Imported micro switch is used in the pull rope switch, with large contact capacity, sensitive and reliable action.
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