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    What are the Advantages of Light Curtains?

    Safety grating is a kind of safety protection equipment specially used for area isolation and safety perception. The safety grating is mainly composed of a transmitter and a receiver. It emits light beams through infrared or laser light sources and uses the receiver to receive the bounced light beams, thereby realizing the perception and monitoring of people or objects in the area. Safety light barriers are used in a wide variety of applications thanks to their many advantages. Next, we will explain the advantages of safety light barriers in detail.

    How to Wire a Safety Light Curtain?

    Safety light curtain is also photoelectric safety protection device (also known as safety protector, punch protector, infrared safety protection device, etc.), generally speaking, safety light curtain exists in pairs, divided into the transmitting end and the receiving end. It is to avoid personnel close to the moving machinery of a photoelectric equipment, can avoid casualties.

    Safety Light Curtain Troubleshooting

    Safety light curtain is a powerful safety laser sensor for machine guarding and personal safety. It is rather convenient and flexible in wiring and installation. The safety light curtain is equipped with flexible and relevant software, which can easily change the shielding and blanking effect according to the customers' various on-site requirements. It greatly reduces the time for re-arrangement and re-wiring. However, due to the complexity of the production process, the on-site product models often change, the settings for the safety light curtain also change accordingly. There are still some common problems in installation and maintenance. Today, ATO will tell you how to solve these problems.

    How to calculate safety distance of safety light curtain?

    In practical application, after human body intrudes into the range of safety light curtain, besides that safety light curtain needs certain response time, the machine also needs certain braking time. Therefore, to guarantee personal safety of operators, installation position of safety light curtain must meet requirements of safety distance. Otherwise, there is still the possibility of an accident.

    What is a safety light curtain

    The opening area needs to be set when constantly sending in and out parts on a dangerous high-speed operation machine. If a protective door is set here, it will seriously affect the production and certainly not be able to take both production and safety into account. Safety light curtain is a safety device set in these openings, and it realizes safety protection through the light beams. It is a type of sensor that install through beam photoelectric sensors in rows from top to bottom. It monitors a certain range of amplitude, when the machine is running, it intercepts the light when a human body intrudes, and stops the machine to achieve the purpose of protecting personal safety. However, when processed parts are fed in and out through the light curtain, they do not cause the machine to stop working. In this way, the operators are effectively protected from harm without affecting the production at the same time.