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    How to Wire a Safety Light Curtain?

    Safety light curtain is also photoelectric safety protection device (also known as safety protector, punch protector, infrared safety protection device, etc.), generally speaking, safety light curtain exists in pairs, divided into the transmitting end and the receiving end. It is to avoid personnel close to the moving machinery of a photoelectric equipment, can avoid casualties.

    Safety light curtain

    Light curtain sensor is often used in stamping equipment, shear equipment, metal material surface treatment, automatic welding, automatic packaging and transportation, laser cutting, vertical automatic storage, automatic assembly bus and other potentially dangerous mechanical equipment supporting, to protect the personal safety of operators and mechanical equipment safety. It is an important part of automatic industrial equipment.

    To know how to wire and use theĀ safety light curtain, first of all, we should understand the safety light curtain wiring schematic diagram:

    Safety light curtain sensor wiring diagram

    Next, connect wires of the same color together according to the wiring schematic diagram. A 24V DC switching power supply supplies power for entire system. Under normal circumstances, the green light of stack light flashes. When opaque object enters the light curtain area and blocks the light curtain, the red light of stack light flashes and alarms.

    Safety light curtain connect

    And then, cooperate with PLC for logic control. PLC logic control diagram is shown below:

    Safety light curtain plc logic control

    When the alarm is triggered, the system does not reset automatically. You need to press the reset button to reset the PLC control system. When the system is normal, the green light flashes.

    Safety light curtain reset

    Compared to traditional safety measures such as mechanical fences, sliding doors and pull-back restraints, safety light curtain offers more freedom, flexibility and reduce operator fatigue. By reasonably reducing the need for physical protection, safety curtain sensor simplifies routine tasks such as equipment installation, maintenance, and repair.

    For detailed introduction to know safety light curtain, please refer to the following video:

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