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    Rebar Tying Machine: Working Principle and Advantages

    The rebar tying machine is also known as automatic lithium battery rebar tying machine because it works with lithium batteries. It is a hand-held battery-type rebar fast binding tool, which replaces the manual operation of the original steel wire hook. It is shaped like a large pistol, with a wire winding mechanism at the muzzle, a rechargeable battery installed at the handle, a coil at the end of the gun to supply muzzle spinning, and a transmission rotating device and accessories installed in the chamber, and the trigger is the power switch.

    It has the advantages of a high degree of automation, good bundling quality, fast bundling speed, and high bundling efficiency, which is a new type of mechanical equipment in the rebar bundling industry.

    So, how does the rebar tying machine work? Here, ATO will tell you how it works.

    Automatic rebar tying machineWorking principle of rebar tying machine

    The working principle of the automatic rebar tying machine is that first put the rebar into the tying port of the rebar tying machine, and then the machine automatically adjusts the size of the tying port according to the size of the rebar to ensure the tying effect of the rebar. Then, the rebar tying machine will tie rebars to a certain angle to ensure the tying effect of rebars. Finally, the rebar tying machine will automatically take out the bundled rebars from the tying port and transport them to the designated location.

    Advantages of rebar tying machine

    1. The advantage of the automatic rebar tying machine is that it can automatically complete the tying work, which greatly improves the tying efficiency, and the tying quality is also guaranteed, ensuring the stability of the tying rebars. In addition, the automatic rebar tying machine also has the advantages of convenient maintenance and long service life, making it a new favorite in the rebar tying industry.
    2. The automatic rebar tying machine has a wide range of applications, which can be used for rebar tying projects such as foundations, pile foundations, pile tops, pile feet, etc., and can also be used for earthquake resistance, wind resistance, and tensile engineering of buildings. It can be said that the rebar tying machine is a very practical piece of equipment.
    3. The efficiency of the rebar tying machine is more than 4 times that of manual operation, and it will be more efficient if you are skilled in operating one machine with each hand. The use of this machine can ensure quality in construction, and it is one of the necessary operating machines for future rebar engineering. A good rebar tying machine can be comparable to several laborers, relatively speaking, it can not only improve efficiency but also reduce the salary overhead for the boss.

    In a word, the rebar tying machine is a very advanced rebar tying equipment, which has a wide range of use, high tying efficiency, good tying quality, and long service life, and is a new type of equipment in the rebar tying industry.



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