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    2 Important Advantages of Industrial Endoscope

    Industrial endoscope compared with other detection tools, is there are a lot of advantages, which will check process dynamically record the function of the most prominent, fixing the product parts, in addition, can also record check live, it is more convenient for maintenance personnel, the use of the electronic display screen can observe the on-site fault.

    Endoscopes can bring us a lot of convenience. In this article, ATO store will introduce 2 important advantages of industrial endoscope.

    With High Clarity Color CCD High Grade Configuration.

    Industrial endoscope important advantages

    High grade configuration industrial endoscope has the high clear color CCD, the lens of the observed by small accessories testing equipment parts for freezing, video, amplification, analysis, measurement, such as processing, feedback many not intuition detected small defect and damage to the naked eye, greatly make up for the defects of the artificial detection are greatly improved the efficiency of maintenance equipment.

    In some harsh environments, such as a lot of high temperature and high pressure, toxic radiation areas, it is impossible to carry out manual detection, at this time the industrial endoscope has completely replaced the manual into the area to carry out the detection work, for the great convenience of the detection work, so that the health and safety of the detection personnel is also guaranteed.

    Even though industrial endoscopes can adapt to many harsh environments, they are also very strict in terms of environmental requirements. For example, there should be no strong electromagnetic interference or violent voltage fluctuations around the test site, which would seriously affect the test results of industrial endoscopes.

    In the process of use, it is necessary to ensure that the working state of the flexible probe of the industrial endoscope is normal. Too low temperature or super high temperature will affect the normal detection of the equipment. In order to ensure the imaging quality presented by the detection, the detection process is best carried out in the room where the light is soft and quiet as far as possible.

    Able to Measure Accurately.

    Accurate measurement function is another big advantage of industrial endoscope. It can measure the size of the object being tested. Accurate measurement is one of the advantages of endoscope that can not be ignored.

    In the process of static inspection, it is difficult to directly determine the cause of wear for some wear situations that are complicated and tedious. With the emergence of borescope, dynamic detection process records can be easily collected. With the help of dynamic records, technicians can repeatedly watch the detection process and accurately determine the degree of wear and cause.

    Due to the 5" LCD industrial endoscope equipment of video recording, today, the application scope of industrial endoscope in expanding gradually, in addition to the application in automobile and machinery manufacturing, also gradually involved in other areas, such as aerospace, petrochemical and other fields also got very big development, become the use of high frequency detection tools.

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