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    2 Important Advantages of Industrial Endoscope

    Industrial endoscope compared with other detection tools, is there are a lot of advantages, which will check process dynamically record the function of the most prominent, fixing the product parts, in addition, can also record check live, it is more convenient for maintenance personnel, the use of the electronic display screen can observe the on-site fault. In this article, we will introduce 2 important advantages of industrial endoscope.

    Differences Between Rigid, Flexible and Video Industrial Endoscope

    Industrial endoscope is currently widely used in the field of industrial manufacturing and maintenance of a nondestructive testing equipment, it extends the visual distance of the human eye, breaking through the blind Angle of human eye observation, can accurately and clearly observe the internal machine equipment or parts of the inner surface of the situation. Such as wear damage, surface cracks and abnormal attachments, etc., avoid unnecessary equipment decomposition, disassembly and possible parts damage in the inspection process, with easy operation, high inspection efficiency, objective and accurate results, is a powerful tool for production process control and quality control.

    Functions of Industrial Endoscope in Transportation

    With the development trend of rail transit manufacturing industry, the maintenance quality and efficiency of rail transit vehicles and other mechanical equipment are required to be higher and higher. Because of the characteristics of industrial endoscope nondestructive testing technology, it has become an important testing tool in the industrial field. Industrial endoscopes can be used for visual inspection in special environments, such as containers, pipes, the interior of difficult-to-disassemble equipment, inner surfaces with narrow gaps, or areas that cannot be directly observed by human vision. Its application in the development, manufacture, maintenance, inspection and quality control of rail transit vehicles mainly includes the following four aspects.

    What Should be Noted When Using Industrial Endoscope?

    Industrial endoscope is a new nondestructive testing instrument which integrates optics, precision machinery, electronics and microphotography. Used for the detection of surface defects in invisible parts that cannot be reached by conventional NDT (nondestructive testing) techniques. By optical fiber transmission of lighting light, microscopy, video signals through processing and amplification, in a clear image, for many people at the same time to observe and analyze the defect situation.

    How to Adjust Industrial Endoscope?

    According to the actual production situation, it is often necessary to adjust the depth, angle, levelness, focal length and definition of the industrial endoscope. This equipment belongs to the high temperature professional monitoring, the composition is complex, the adjustment is very tedious to adjust an industrial endoscope to achieve the normal use requirements of several hours or even a day. In order to confirm the adjustment effect, it is necessary to frequently enter the tin tank for observation, which will cause the unstable pressure of the tank and the generation of dripping objects, and the fluctuation of tin liquid and the temperature in the tank. So we have to learn how to adjust an industrial endoscope.

    Industrial Endoscope Troubleshooting

    In recent years, although the quality of endoscope has been steadily improved, as a kind of precision equipment, improper operation and collision caused by random placement of instruments may cause damage to precision optical components. The damage of industrial endoscope has the following aspects: image optical resolution is reduced and image blur; field of view size is changed; image transmission distortion or halo phenomenon; the image is blurred or too dark.

    How to Maintain Industrial Endoscope?

    Industrial endoscope is widely used in aerospace, energy and electric power, automobile manufacturing, fine chemicals and other fields, because it is an important tool for nondestructive testing, it must be well maintained and maintained in daily work. Such as handle gently and prevent damage; timely cleaning and safekeeping; lens and probe protection and so on. These are some common maintenance of endoscope. In this article, we will introduce maintenance of industrial endoscope in detail.

    What is Detection Range of Industrial Endoscope?

    Industrial endoscope is a multi-disciplinary universal tool, its function is to bend the pipe deep exploration, can observe the parts that can not be directly observed, can observe the internal space structure and state in the sealed cavity, can realize long distance observation and operation. This article briefly introduces the scope of industrial endoscope.

    What is Determination Rules for Industrial Endoscope Test?

    Industrial endoscope is a type of visual inspection in non-destructive testing. Without dismantling the detected object, it directly reflects the internal and external surface conditions of the detected object (such as: cracks, burrs, welds, etc. inner surface quality). And at the same time of inspection, we can use industrial endoscope equipment to make dynamic video recording or photographic recording of the entire inspection process, and can quantitatively analyze the defects found.

    Industrial Endoscope Working Principle

    With the continuous development of modern manufacturing technology, industrial endoscope has become small and lightweight, very suitable for work in the field and other complex environment, industrial endoscope is also more and more used in industrial production process and equipment maintenance process. The main purpose of industrial endoscope is to test industrial instruments and equipment. This article is about the working principle of industrial endoscope.

    How to Use Industrial Endoscope?

    Industrial endoscope is a kind of visual inspection in NDT (nondestructive testing). When talking about the operation of industrial endoscopes, we have always thought just insert the probe into the inspected area, adjust the brightness, do the clarity, find the best viewing angle, and then inspect in real-time monitoring.

    What is Industrial Endoscope?

    An industrial endoscope refers to an optical device that consists of a hose (flexible or rigid) with a lens at one end and an eyepiece attached to the optical system at the other end. Cameras in industrial endoscopes can produce high-quality images without spending a fortune. The device also comes with lighting and vision systems. The lighting system requires an optical fiber to illuminate the interior of the area.

    Optical Endoscope vs. Electronic Endoscope

    Endoscope, also known as borescope or endoscope camera, is a multidisciplinary universal tool. Its function is to explore the depths of curved pipes, observe the parts that cannot be directly seen, observe the internal space structure and state in a sealed cavity, and realize long distance observation and operation. Endoscopes are mainly divided into optical endoscope and electronic endoscope.

    What is a Industrial Endoscope Used For?

    The industrial endoscope is a new high-tech product designed and produced according to the inspection requirements of the inner surface of the pipeline in the petrochemical industry, industrial machinery, electronic and electrical industry, aerospace, etc. It integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, and image processing software. The industrial endoscope is equipped with a high-resolution color monitor or USB port. It is more convenient to carry, and the observation image is clearer. The operator can use the high-resolution color CCD to freeze, enlarge, analyze, measure and print the report of the observed suspects and flaw detection parts with the help of a unique professional software processing system, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of judging the flaw detection parts on the inner wall of the pipeline.

    How to Select an Industrial Endoscope?

    The industrial endoscope plays an important role in the industrial inspection. As the development of technology, the industrial endoscope is used widely because the manufacturer pursues quality inspection and intact testing. There are various industrial endoscopes, and different kinds of endoscopes are used on different fields, such as petrochemical industry, aviation, and industrial machinery, etc. However, how to select an industrial endoscope?

    Different kinds of industrial endoscopes have different range of application. Usually an industrial endoscope should be selected according to the position of inspected objects. The selection of the industrial endoscope is based on following factors.