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    What Should be Noted When Using Industrial Endoscope?

    Industrial endoscope is a new nondestructive testing instrument which integrates optics, precision machinery, electronics and microphotography. Used for the detection of surface defects in invisible parts that cannot be reached by conventional NDT (nondestructive testing) techniques.

    By optical fiber transmission of lighting light, microscopy, video signals through processing and amplification, in a clear image, for many people at the same time to observe and analyze the defect situation. In the following, ATO store will tell you some precautions for using industrial endoscope camera.

    5.5 mm probe industrial endoscopeThere are many precautions in the use of industrial borescope, what are the specific operational precautions? Here are some notes for using industrial endoscopes:

    • Keep the use area clean and well lit. (Chaotic or dark areas are prone to accidents)
    • Do not use industrial endoscopes in explosive environments, such as flammable liquids, gases, or dust.
    • Do not use portable industrial borescope cameras in certain areas that may come into contact with wires or live objects. Contact with the wire of fire on exposed metal parts of the tool can cause the user to receive an electric shock.
    • Do not use portable endoscopes near portable equipment. Do not use near any heat source.
    • Keep children or bystanders away when operating portable industrial endoscopes.
    • Do not expose industrial endoscopes to rain or humidity.
    • Do not use when tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or drugs.
    • Use personal protective equipment and always wear eye protectors. Do not overstretch and maintain base balance at all times.
    • Industrial endoscopes should be kept out of reach of children when they are idle, and should not be used by people who are not familiar with the products.
    • Check for alignment and binding of moving parts, damage to parts, and any other conditions that may affect the use of portable industrial endoscopes.
    • Use portable industrial endoscope cameras, accessories and tools such as drill bits, according to the operating manual, and take into account operating conditions, etc.
    • Industrial endoscopes can only be cleaned with a dry cloth. Always remove the battery before cleaning.
    • When the battery is not in use, keep away from other metal objects, such as paper clips, keys, nails, screws, or other small metal objects that can be connected to each other.
    • Never disassemble portable industrial endoscope or attempt to make any industrial endoscope power system.
    • Do not place the product in an environment with high or low temperature. Do not place the product in the attachment of articles with strong magnetic force.
    • The probe should not be removed in the process of use in order to avoid damage, and the industrial endoscope can often be charged to the endoscope in order to protect the battery.
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