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    What is Detection Range of Industrial Endoscope?

    Industrial endoscope is a multi-disciplinary universal tool, its function is to bend the pipe deep exploration, can observe the parts that can not be directly observed, can observe the internal space structure and state in the sealed cavity, can realize long distance observation and operation.

    We can use the industrial endoscope equipment for dynamic video recording or photographic recording of the entire detection process, and can conduct quantitative analysis of the found defects, measuring the length of defects, areas and other data. In the following, ATO shop will introduce the scope of industrial endoscope.

    5.5 mm dia industrial endoscope kit

    • Weld surface defect inspection. Inspect weld surface crack, incomplete weld penetration and weld leakage.
    • Lumen Examination. Check surface cracks, peeling, wires, scratches, pits, bumps, spots, corrosion and other defects.
    • Status Check. When some products (such as worm gear pump, engine, etc.) work, according to the technical requirements of the specified items for inspection.
    • Assembly Inspection. Use industrial video endoscope to inspect assembly quality when required and needed; After assembly or completion of a process, check whether the assembly position of each component meets the requirements of drawing or technical conditions. Whether there are assembly defects.
    • Multiple Residue Inspection. Check the residual debris of 3.5" LCD industrial endoscope and foreign matter in the product cavity.

    Industrial endoscope camera because of its special size design, we can not destroy the surface of the detected object, simple and accurate observation of the internal surface structure of the object or the working state.

    Nondestructive testing requires the use of industrial endoscope as a testing tool, is to meet the complex industrial environment and professional design and production. Endoscope detection is a kind of detection technology which has been widely used with the development of endoscope manufacturing technology. According to the characteristics of the manufacturing process, we generally divide the industrial borescope into optical hard tube mirror, optical fiber mirror, video mirror three types.

    Industrial endoscope can be used in various applications: high temperature, toxic, radiation and the site of the human eye cannot directly observe the inspection and observation, is mainly used in automobile, aviation engine, pipes, machinery parts, etc, can be in the assembly and does not need to remove or destroy equipment stop running conditions to realize nondestructive testing, on the other hand the industrial endoscope can also be connected to the camera, video camera or computer, It is composed of camera, video and image processing system, so as to monitor, record, store and image analysis of field of view objects, and provide a good guarantee for diagnosis and processing.

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