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    Industrial Endoscope Working Principle

    With the continuous development of modern manufacturing technology, industrial endoscope has become small and lightweight, very suitable for work in the field and other complex environment, industrial endoscope is also more and more used in industrial production process and equipment maintenance process.

    The main purpose of industrial endoscope is to test industrial instruments and equipment. ATO industrial automation will introduce the working principle of industrial endoscope camera.

    Industrial endoscope working principle

    First we need to know how many components it has. TheĀ industrial endoscope is composed of cold light source, optical fiber tube and fiber optic endoscope. The cold light source consists of a transformer, a pressure regulating device, a cooling fan, a metal iodine tungsten lamp, a mirror coated with a cold light material and a group of lenses. When the power is switched on, the metal iodine tungsten lamp is on, and its luminous intensity can be adjusted through the voltage regulating device. The cold light reflector reflects the cold light onto a set of lenses. After focusing by the lens, the light reaches the light guide hole.

    A rigid endoscope usually consists of an objective lens, a rotating lens, a guiding beam, an eyepiece, and a stainless steel tube. The working principle is: the image is transmitted by the optical system of the lens inserted in the stainless steel tube, and the optical fiber provides the light transmission lighting, and the built-in optical fiber directly transmits the photographic light from the independent cold light source to the working position.

    Fiber endoscope is usually composed of an insertion part, an operation part and an eyepiece part. The insertion part can be bent, including an objective lens and an image guide beam. The working principle is: the image is transmitted by high-quality image fiber, which can be directly observed through the eyepiece. The image fiber bundle, optical fiber and steel wire for adjusting the angle of the front swing head are all built in, and also equipped with special cold light source.

    Rigid endoscopes and fiberscopes, which can be viewed directly through eyepieces, can also be equipped with image acquisition and display systems, for example, in conjunction with digital cameras. However, electronic video endoscope has autonomous imaging function, and its structure also includes: video control parts and display parts for electronic image display. The working principle is: through the objective image is transmitted to CCD (charge coupled device), and then the charge coupled device changes the optical image into electronic data signal, the electronic data signal is transmitted to the video control component, and then the video control component outputs the image to the display component (display screen).

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