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    Functions of Industrial Endoscope in Transportation

    5.5mm probe industrial endoscope

    With the development trend of rail transit manufacturing industry, the maintenance quality and efficiency of rail transit vehicles and other mechanical equipment are required to be higher and higher. Because of the characteristics of industrial endoscope nondestructive testing technology, it has become an important testing tool in the industrial field.

    Industrial endoscopes can be used for visual inspection in special environments, such as containers, pipes, the interior of difficult-to-disassemble equipment, inner surfaces with narrow gaps, or areas that cannot be directly observed by human vision. Its application in the development, manufacture, maintenance, inspection and quality control of rail transit vehicles mainly includes the following four aspects. In the following, ATO automation will introduce the role of endoscope in transportation.

    • Check the Spring. Track section repair procedures and factory repair procedures have mentioned the inspection requirements of spring, the specific requirements are to check the crack, wear and other states, and then according to the inspection procedures for welding. Just send the endoscope probe to the spring to be inspected, you can see the cracks inside the spring, as well as the top of the spring, avoiding the workload and economic costs brought by disassembly.
    • Internal Combustion Engine Carbon Detection. Industrial endoscopes can also be used to detect carbon deposition in internal combustion engines. If carbon accumulates in the exhaust valve of the engine, it reduces the effective power of the internal combustion engine and causes fuel consumption. In order to avoid the tedious operation of traditional diesel engine disassembly, the endoscope can be inserted into the cylinder for industrial endoscopy.
    • Hollow Shaft Inspection. When the hollow shaft is found to have suspected corrosion, rust, wear and other damage, can use industrial endoscope for further careful inspection of the hollow shaft, in order to use the endoscope to observe the amplification effect to find tiny cracks. Similarly, we can also use the image processing system in the industrial endoscope to shoot the detection video and record the specific rod condition of the hollow shaft, so that the defect can be checked again through the computer later to ensure that the detection result is more accurate.
    • Gearbox Inspection. Traction gear box in the normal use and operation cycle of the locomotive, gear wear, bad bite and other problems are common, if not found early and properly dealt with, will even cause the gear box scrapped or derailment. Just put the endoscope can bend guide into the tube, mouth by observation of the gear box of oil into the gear box, can be very intuitive to show the gear position of the gear box, and can display gear department whether there is a foreign body, at the bottom of at the same time also can use industrial endoscope image recording function photograph gearbox archive to step into find problems.
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