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    How to Maintain Industrial Endoscope?

    Industrial endoscopic testing is a kind of visual testing in nondestructive testing.  The biggest difference between industrial endoscopic testing and other nondestructive testing methods is that it can directly reflect the internal and external surface of the tested object without disassembling the tested body.

    Industrial endoscope is widely used in aerospace, energy and electric power, automobile manufacturing, fine chemicals and other fields, because it is an important tool for nondestructive testing, it must be well maintained and maintained in daily work. In this article, ATO automation will introduce maintenance of industrial endoscope.

    Industrial endoscope maintain

    • Pay attention to the lens and probe protection. In the daily maintenance of industrial endoscope, in addition to timely cleaning the lens, pay attention not to scratch the surface with sharp objects, otherwise easy to leave scratches and even cause lens breakage. When taking photos and recording videos in some special environments, you can put a layer on the probe to protect it, reduce friction, and ensure the clarity of the picture.
    • Handle gently, prevent damage. In the process of placing and taking the borescope, should be handled gently. When picking up the front end probe, it is best to place one hand under the probe to prevent accidental fall.
    • Avoid obstacles damage endoscope. During the inspection process, if encountered obstacles, do not pull, must find a way to continue in and out, clever force, otherwise the internal wiring, optical fiber and other damage may affect the clarity of the image and the transmission of image signals.
    • After the use of timely cleaning and safekeeping. After the use of industrial endoscope, you can use a clean soft cloth to wipe the relevant lines of the industrial endoscope, and then re tied to the winding wheel, and in accordance with the standard packaging box when buying endoscope, each part in the specified position, to ensure the next use.
    • It should take out the battery protection in time. For the electronic industry endoscope, after use should immediately take out the battery, battery power should be charged or replaced in time.
    • Regular maintenance. regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the wireless wifi endoscope, can timely find the failure of the endoscope and take measures to deal with, is conducive to extending the service life of the industrial endoscope.
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