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    How to Operate and Maintain the Laser Marker?

    Laser markers use laser beams to mark permanent marks on the surface of various substances. The effect of marking is to expose the deep substance through the evaporation of the surface substance, to "engrave" traces through the chemical and physical changes of the surface substance caused by light energy, or to burn off part of the substance through light energy to show the pattern and text that needs to be etched. Laser marking machine is mainly divided into, CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, and YAG laser marking machine. At present, laser marking machine is mainly used on some occasions with more refined and higher precision. Now, let's take a look at the operating procedures and maintenance specifications of the laser marker.

    Operating procedures of the laser marker

    1. Start-up process of laser marker

    • Laser marking machineCheck the power cord of the marking machine to make it connected correctly and reliably;
    • Turn on the switch, turn on the main power supply, and the power indicator lights up; 
    • Confirm that the emergency stop switch of the laser head is in the pressed state;
    • Turn on the power switch of the computer monitor and the host computer; 
    • Rotate the emergency stop switch in the direction of the arrow until it pops up, then the power of the laser head can be turned on, and the laser head will start to end after about 1 minute; 
    • Remove the lens cover; at this point, the laser marking machine is opened and can accept the operator's instructions for marking operations. 

    2. The process of the marking operation

    • Double-click the marking program icon to enter the program; 
    • Select the marking file, and double-click the date and time in the content to modify it.

    3. Marking inspection and printing orientation

    • Place a test piece at the same height as the marking workpiece on the workbench or production line;
    • Marking is carried out by operating the marking control software. For the best marking effect, the following process adjustments can be made: adjust the focal length by adjusting the bald head lifting device; Adjust parameters such as power and marking speed in the marking software; Enter the software, double-click the printing date, drag the mouse up and down, and adjust the printing orientation to the appropriate orientation;
    • After the above process is completed, the print check can be performed;
    • After the inspection is correct, mark the workpiece from scratch.

    4. The shutdown process

    After the end of the production task, the operation process of the closed laser marking machine is as follows:

    • Press the emergency stop switch to block the power supply of the laser head;
    • After confirming that the industrial computer does not operate any software, exit and shut down normally;
    • Turn off the total power supply of the marking machine, and the power indicator is off;
    • Cover the lens cap.

    Common malfunctions when using a laser marker

    Reasons for the decrease in laser output power of the laser marking machine:

    • Whether the laser resonator changes: fine-tune the front and rear resonator lenses to make the output spot the best;
    • Whether the total reflection and output diaphragm are fouled;
    • Condensation occurs on the surface of the laser rod of the laser marking machine due to the temperature difference.

    The laser output power is normal, but the laser beam cannot be marked:

    • Whether the adjustment of the optical path system is accurate; 
    • Whether the sound and light switch can play a switching role.

    Reasons why the laser marking machine cannot reach the expected marking depth:

    • Whether the laser output power meets the requirements;
    • Whether the cut-off power of the acousto-optic switch meets the requirements; 
    • Whether the optical path adjustment is accurate; 
    • Whether the workpiece surface is in the focal plane.

    Maintenance of laser markers

    1. The first is the galvanometer. Avoid getting close to items with strong magnetism, strong electricity, and strong shock currents, and avoid touching the galvanometer with hands and items. If there is dust on the lens, you can use a rag and a small amount of alcohol to clean it, and wipe it in one direction.
    2. Laser in the chassis: regularly clean the dust, blow it along the air duct with an air gun, and clean the relevant circuit board at the same time. 
    3. Check whether the grounding of the equipment is reliable and whether the power cord and plug are intact to avoid leakage accidents.
    4. Add lubricating oil to moving parts such as lifting machinery and guide rails once a month. Regularly check whether the fan of the device is working properly.
    5. Before use: Check whether the software settings have changed and whether the function buttons and indicators are normal.
    6. After use: Clean the surface of the workbench, monitor, and keyboard with a clean rag, and remove the garbage in time, especially the metal residue or metal powder after marking, clean the surrounding sanitation, and keep ventilated. Note: When shutting down, please turn off the laser power first and then close the marking software, otherwise it will damage the life of the laser. 


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