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    What are the Uses of the Reactor in Power System?

    Output line reactor is also called as the motor reactor. It is mainly used in the industrial automation system, especially occasions with frequency converter, to extend the valid transmission distance of the frequency converter, effectively restrain the transient high voltage in switching on/off the IGBT module of the frequency converter. It is suitable for compensating the distributed capacitance, restraining the output harmonic current, effectively protecting the frequency converter and improving the power factor, with an expectation to reduce the pollution of the harmonic current generated by the rectification unit to the power grid.

    Output Line Reactor Price List

    When selecting a output line reactor, its function shall be firstly determined, then the reactance ratio can be selected according to its functions, finally, the output line reactor capacity is selected according to the capacitor capacity (reactor capacity is equal to the capacitor capacity multiplied by reactance ratio). Selection of a reactor is complex, power grid quality and parameters, capacitor parameters shall be determined.