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    Why Should You Buy a Reactor?

    Reactor is also called inductor. When a conductor is energized, a magnetic field will be generated in a certain space occupied by it, so all current carrying electrical conductors have inductance in the general sense. Reactor is a kind of common inductor in power, which is mainly used to solve common problems such as current limiting, filtering, smoothing, power factor compensation and so on. So why buy reactors? What is its function and principle? ATO gives you a brief introduction here.

    When a short circuit occurs in the power system, a large short-circuit current will be generated. If not limited, it is very difficult to maintain the dynamic stability and thermal stability of electrical equipment. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of breaking capacity of some circuit breakers, reactors are often connected in series at the outgoing circuit breaker to increase the short-circuit impedance and limit the short-circuit current. Due to the use of reactor, the voltage drop on the reactor is large in case of short circuit, so it also plays a role in maintaining the bus voltage level. It makes the voltage fluctuation on the bus less and ensures the operation stability of user electrical equipment on the non fault line. This is how the reactor works.

    3 phase output line reactor circuit diagram

    According to the properties of reactors, reactors are divided into many types. Different species have different functions. The following briefly introduces the specific functions of several reactors.

    • Series reactor

    Series reactors are mainly used to limit short circuit current, but also used to limit high harmonics in the power grid in series or parallel with capacitors in filters. Its usual function is to limit the flow.

    • Shunt reactor

    Shunt reactor is often used for reactive power compensation, which has many functions to improve the reactive power related operation of power system. For example, improving the voltage distribution on long-distance transmission lines; absorb the charging capacitive reactive power of the cable line and prevent the possible self-excitation resonance of the generator with a long line. 

    It is used to limit the current impact caused by the sudden change of power grid voltage and operating over voltage, smooth the peak pulse contained in the power supply voltage, or smooth the voltage defects caused by the commutation of bridge rectifier circuit, which can effectively protect the frequency converter and improve the power factor. It can not only prevent the interference from the power grid, but also reduce the pollution of harmonic current generated by rectifier unit to the power grid.

    •  Filter reactor

    It is widely used in high and low pressure filter cabinets. The filter reactor and filter capacitor are connected in series and tuned to a certain resonant frequency to absorb the harmonic current of corresponding frequency in the power grid, so as to eliminate the harm of high-order harmonic to the main transformer and other electrical equipment in the system. After the filter reactor and capacitor are connected in series, it can not only effectively absorb the harmonic of the power grid, but also improve the power factor of the system, which plays a great role in the safe operation of the system.

    • Frequency converter reactor

    The special reactor for the frequency converter is usually installed at the input or output end of the DC governor of the frequency converter, which can resist the transmission of the 3rd and 5th harmonics generated by the frequency converter to the power grid, reduce the interference of the harmonics generated by the frequency converter to other components, improve the power grid quality, improve the power factor, limit the abnormal fluctuation of the power grid voltage, impulse current on the power grid and stabilize the waveform, Thus, the influence on the frequency converter is reduced.

    AC output reactor

    Its main function is to compensate the influence of long line (50-200m) distributed capacitance, suppress output harmonic current, improve output high-frequency impedance, effectively suppress DV / DT, reduce high-frequency leakage current, protect frequency converter and reduce equipment noise. When compensating power, capacitors are often impacted by harmonic voltage and harmonic current, resulting in capacitor damage and power factor reduction. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out harmonic control during compensation.

    • Smoothing reactor
    1. Limit the short circuit current and short circuit directly without reactor.
    2. Reduce the impact of intermediate frequency component on power frequency power grid.
    3. Filtering function, which makes the rectifier output waveform continuous. In case of discontinuity, there will be a time when the current is zero. At this time, the inverter bridge stops working, which will cause the rectifier bridge to open circuit.
    4. The input power of parallel inverter circuit has the throughput of reactive power component. There must be an energy storage element reactor in the input circuit of the inverter bridge.

    The DC reactor is connected between the DC rectification link and the inverter link of the frequency conversion system. It mainly limits the AC component superimposed on the DC current to a specified value, keeps the rectifier current continuous and reduces the current pulse value, which can make the operation of the inverter link more stable and improve the power factor of the frequency converter. 

    Above all, these are functions introduction of the reactor, which helps you solve the reason why you want to buy it. 

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