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    Why You Need a Voltage Stabilizer?

    Voltage Stabilizer Advantages

    A voltage stabilizer is a kind of power supply device which can automatically adjust the output voltage. Its function is to stabilize the power supply voltage which fluctuates greatly and can not meet the requirements of electrical equipment within its set value range, so that all kinds of circuits or electrical equipment can work normally under the rated working voltage. Therefore, the key role of the stabilizer is to solve the voltage problem.

    3-phase voltage stabilizer

    1. Voltage deviation

    Equipping a voltage stabilizer can well solve the problem of voltage deviation in the power grid and provide a high-quality operating environment for electrical equipment.

    2. Voltage fluctuation (grid mutation is less than 10%)

    Equipping a voltage stabilizer is the most effective way to solve the voltage fluctuation. It can provide a relatively good operating environment for electrical equipment.

    3. Voltage flicker (grid mutation is more than 10%)

    Equipping a voltage stabilizer (grid mutation is less than 20%) can improve the impact caused by sharp voltage fluctuations in the power grid during lightning disasters, operating overvoltages, and large capacity shock loads.

    4. Higher harmonics

    The voltage stabilizer itself cannot solve the problem of higher harmonics. The voltage stabilizer must be equipped with the sampling and filtering system (true virtual value sampling) when it is working in the environment of higher harmonics.

    5. Three-phase asymmetry

    Integrating the isolation transformer and voltage stabilizer is an effective method to resolve voltage asymmetry. In most cases, the allowable value stipulated by the state can be met: 2%, short-term must not exceed 4%, and individual user must not exceed 1.3%.

    Voltage Stabilizing Mode of Stabilizer

    1. Centralized voltage stabilizing

    The irregularity of 10KV distribution lines will cause voltage deviation. Generally, it is preferred to use the transformer tap method. When it is difficult to adjust the tap of the transformer, adding a voltage stabilizer can completely solve it. Irregular 380V / 220V distribution lines, unbalanced loads, and special loads can cause voltage deviations and voltage fluctuations. Adding a voltage stabilizer is the best solution.

    2. Local and nearby voltage stabilizing

    For voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation (grid mutation is less than 10%), and voltage flicker (grid mutation is greater than 10% and less than 20%), adding a voltage stabilizer near the power equipment can well solve the grid voltage deviation. This method is the most effective way to resolve voltage fluctuations and can improve the effects of voltage flicker.

    3. Voltage stabilizing mode of isolation transformer + voltage stabilizer

    For mixed power supply with small power transformer capacity, long low-voltage power supply lines, and traditional three-phase four-wire power supply mode, three-phase asymmetry and flicker problems of the voltage (such as remote rural areas, telecommunication base stations and so on) will often occur. It is recommended to use an isolation transformer + voltage stabilizer to improve the power environment of the power equipment.

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