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    How to Buy a Right Automatic Voltage Stabilizer?

    Single-phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

    Single-phase full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer is composed of contact autoformer regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit and so on. When the grid voltage is unstable or the load changes, the automatic sampling regulator controls circuit to send a signal to drive the servo motor, adjust the position of the stabilizer's auto-coupled regulator carbon brush, so that the stabilizer output voltage is adjusted to the rated value and stabilized status. The 1-phase voltage stabilizers of this series have good output voltage waveform, balanced voltage regulation process, no power loss, high output voltage accuracy, which is adjusted within 220V ± 3% in delivery, wide input voltage range and strong load adaptability. In addition, the device is equipped with overvoltage (undervoltage) and overcurrent protection. When the output voltage is too high and the input is overcurrent, the unit can automatically cut off the output to ensure power consumption.

    ATO voltage stabilizer

    Three-phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

    The three-phase fully-automatic compensation electrical voltage stabilizer is a voltage stabilization device designed to stabilize AC voltage using advanced technology. When the external power supply network voltage fluctuates or load changes, thus causing voltage fluctuations, the voltage stabilizer can automatically maintain the stability of the output voltage. Compared with other types of voltage stabilizers, 3-phase voltage stabilizer has the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, no wave open distortion, and voltage regulation balance, so it is suitable for a wide range of loads. It can be overloaded instantaneously, can work continuously for a long time, and switch manually/automatically at will. The voltage stabilizer is set with over-voltage, over-current, phase loss, phase sequence protection and mechanical fault automatic protection, thus having convenient installation and reliable operation.

    Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Buying Guide

    After receiving the product, many customers find that the power of the voltage stabilizer is too small, and the functions are not enough, resulting in returns and replacements, unnecessary shipping costs, and waste of time and money. ATO explains how to buy the correct automatic voltage stabilizer to you.

    First, it depends on what type of electrical equipment you have. In general, the load is not purely resistive. Therefore, in the actual selection, the voltage stabilizer should be selected reasonably according to the specific conditions of the rated power, power factor and load type of the electrical equipment. The output power should have a proper margin. Especially for impact loads, the selection margin should be greater.

    Power of home applicance

    1. As to the purely resistive load, such as the incandescent light bulb, resistance wire, or electric furnace, the power of the voltage stabilizer is usually three times of the power of the loading equipment. For instance, if your electrical furnace is around 250W, you can choose a voltage stabilizer with the power of around 700W.

    2. For inductive and capacitive loads such as fluorescent lamps, fans, electric motors, water pumps, air conditioners, refrigerators and so on, the power of the voltage stabilizer should be 6 times the power of the load equipment. For example, if the motor is 1000W, then the voltage stabilizer needs to choose 6000W.

    3. In the environment of large inductive and capacitive loads, when selecting, the load startup current should be considered to be particularly large (up to 5-8 times the rated current), so the power of the regulator should be more than 5 times the load power.

    4. Before buying, you should consider whether to add equipment in the future and whether the voltage stabilizer needs to be reserved for expanded capacity. Whether it is a single machine or the entire plant, the purchased voltage stabilizer must be reserved with sufficient capacity to avoid 100% load. The load factor of the voltage stabilizer is generally recommended to be around 80%.

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