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    What are the Functions of Voltage Stabilizer?

    A voltage stabilizer is a power supply circuit or power supply device that can automatically adjust the output voltage. Its function is to stabilize the power supply voltage that fluctuates greatly and does not meet the requirements of electrical equipment within its set value range, so that various circuit or electrical appliances can be stabilized. The equipment can work normally under the rated working voltage.

    Voltage stabilizer

    The original power regulators relied on the beating of relays to stabilize the voltage. When the grid voltage fluctuates, the automatic correction circuit of the voltage stabilizer is activated to make the internal relay operate. The output voltage is forced to stay close to the set value. The advantage of this circuit is that the circuit is simple, but the disadvantage is that the voltage regulation accuracy is not high, and every time the relay jumps and shifts, the power supply will be interrupted instantaneously and spark interference will occur. This greatly interferes with computer equipment, and it is easy to cause error signals in the computer, and in severe cases, the hard disk will be damaged.

    High-quality small voltage stabilizers mostly use the method of motor-driven carbon brush to stabilize the voltage. This voltage stabilizer has little interference to electrical equipment and has relatively high voltage stabilization accuracy.

    With the rapid advancement of society, the number of electrical equipment is increasing day by day. However, the slow development of power transmission and distribution facilities, as well as poor design and insufficient power supply, cause the voltage of end users to be too low. On the other hand, the user of the wire head often has a high voltage, and the electrical equipment, especially the high-tech and precision equipment with strict voltage requirements, is like a time bomb. Unexpected natural and man-made accidents, such as excessive load voltage, earthquake, lightning strike, open circuit or short circuit of the power transmission and transformation system, will endanger the normal supply of electricity, thereby affecting the normal operation of the load.

    Unstable voltage will cause fatal injury or malfunction of equipment, affect production, cause delay in delivery, unstable quality and other losses. Therefore, the use of voltage stabilizers is essential for electrical equipment, especially high-tech and precision equipment with strict voltage requirements.

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