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    Voltage Stabilizers Price List

    Voltage stabilizers are electronic devices responsible for correcting the AC voltage of the electrical power supply to provide a stable and secure power supply to equipments, allowing for a stable voltage and protecting the equipment from most of the problems of the mains.
    ATO single phase automatic AC voltage stabilizers with a capacity rating from 500VA to 50kVA, 140V to 260V input voltage range, high performance and compact size, are ideal for the home purpose.

    1-phase automatic voltage stabilizers price list:

    Items SKU Capacity Weight Price Output Voltage
    Voltage stabilizer ATO-AVS-1P500V 500 VA 2.5 Kg $145.24

    220V±3% (default)

    230V±3% (+$115.68)

    240V±3% (+$115.68)

    110V±6% (+$206.48)

    ATO-AVS-1P1K 1 kVA 2.8 Kg $183.69
    Voltage stabilizer ATO-AVS-1P2K 2 kVA 5.25 Kg $340.38
    ATO-AVS-1P3K 3 kVA 12 Kg $473.48
    Voltage stabilizer ATO-AVS-1P5K 5 kVA 14 Kg $538.57
    ATO-AVS-1P8K 8 kVA 15 Kg $823.78
    ATO-AVS-1P10K 10 kVA 28 Kg $1,052.36
    Voltage stabilizer ATO-AVS-1P12K 12 kVA 65 Kg $1,303.50
    ATO-AVS-1P15K 15 kVA 70 Kg $1,525.26
    ATO-AVS-1P20K 20 kVA 78 Kg $1,738.15
    ATO-AVS-1P30K 30 kVA 100 Kg $2,047.55
    ATO-AVS-1P40K 40 kVA 120 Kg $2,412.31
    ATO-AVS-1P50K 50 kVA 175 Kg $3,155.48

    ATO 3 phase automatic AC voltage stabilizers with capacity rating from 8kVA to 300kVA, 175V-265V (phase voltage)/304V-456V (line voltage) AC input voltage range, 380V output. They are air cooled full-automatic compensated voltage stabilizers designed for various industrial applications.

    3-phase automatic voltage stabilizers price list

    SKU Capacity Weight Price Output Voltage Output Accuracy
    ATO-AVS-3P8K 8 kVA 78 Kg $1,644.26







    380V (default)






    ±2~4% (default)


    ATO-AVS-3P15K 15 kVA 115 kg $2,412.31
    ATO-AVS-3P20K 16 kVA 150 kg $2,810.16
    ATO-AVS-3P30K 30 kVA 220kg $4,663.05
    ATO-AVS-3P40K 40KVA 260 kg $5,780.49
    ATO-AVS-3P50K 50 kVA 350 Kg $6,329.23
    ATO-AVS-3P60K 60 kVA 370 kg $7,633.87
    ATO-AVS-3P80K 100 kVA 420 Kg $9,312.56
    ATO-AVS-3P150K 150 kVA 550 Kg $11,544.62
    ATO-AVS-3P200K 200 kVA 630 Kg $13,341.54
    ATO-AVS-3P250K 250 kVA 700 Kg $14,990.77
    ATO-AVS-3P300K 300 kVA 775 Kg $16,486.15

    Tips for using Voltage stabilizersVoltage stabilizer

    • When starting the regulated power supply, please do not open it or pull the input and output wires of the regulated power supply to prevent
    • an electric shock or other electrical safety accidents.
    • Input and output wiring must be arranged reasonably to prevent trampling and resulting in leakage accident.
    • The regulated power supply must be grounded reliably. The user shall be responsible for electric shock or human injury caused by operation without grounding wire.
    • Its ground wire cannot be connected to the heating pipeline, water supply pipeline, gas pipeline and other public welfare facilities to avoid infringing the rights of third parties or causing harm.
    • Regularly check the input and output lines of the regulated power supply in order to avoid loosening or falling off to avoid affecting the normal use and safety of the regulated power supply.
    • Its connection line selection must reach the specified can carry enough current capacity of the connection line.
    • In order to avoid severe vibration, the regulator should be taken lightly when working.
    • Ensure that the regulator's carbon brush spring has enough pressure, so as to avoid the carbon brush and coil contact surface jump fire.

    Watch the following video to learn more about testing automatic voltage stabilizers.*Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference.

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