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    Voltage Stabilizer Working Principle & Application

    A voltage stabilizer is a device that stabilizes the output voltage. It is composed of a voltage regulation circuit, a control circuit, and a servo motor. When the input voltage or load changes,Single phase automatic voltage stabilizer the control circuit performs sampling, comparison and amplification. Then it drives the servo motor to rotate to change the position of the carbon brush of the voltage regulator. By automatically adjusting the coil turns ratio, the output voltage is kept stable. Today we will introduce the working principle of the voltage stabilizer, its function and its application. We hope that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding the functions of voltage regulators.

    Working Principle

    Because some electrical appliances contain coil components, eddy currents that hinder the current will be generated at the initial stage of electrification. The generation of eddy current will not only weaken the instantaneous voltage at the time of starting the electrical appliance, resulting in a slow start, but also strengthen the instantaneous voltage generated after the circuit is broken, which may cause sparks to damage the circuit. At this point, a voltage stabilizer is needed to protect the normal operation of the circuit.


    The voltage stabilizer can be widely used in: Electronic computers, precision machine tools, computed tomography (CT), precision instruments, test devices, Elevator lighting, imported equipment and production lines and other places that require stable voltage of the power supply.AC automatic voltage stabilizer

    It is also suitable for users at the end of the low-voltage distribution network where the power supply voltage is too low or too high, and the fluctuation range is large, and the electrical equipment with large load changes, especially suitable for all voltage-stabilized power sites that require high grid waveforms. The high-power compensation type power stabilizer can be connected to thermal power, hydraulic power and small generators.

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