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    3 kVA Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for Home

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    Best 3 kVA single phase voltage stabilizer for home use, owns the wide input voltage range 140V to 260V, light in weight, delay output, little wave distortion and reliable. This LED relay type full automatic AC voltage stabilizer adopts the international advanced technology and intelligent CPU centralized control technology.
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    3000 VA Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer from ATO has an input voltage range of 140V to 260V, which means if the input voltage is between 140V to 260V, it will stabilize it to regular voltage of about 220V-230V. If the voltage is below 140V or higher than 260V, it will just cut off the applicance from mains.


    Product Name Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
    Model Number ATOTND-3000
    Technology Relay Control System+Programmed control computerized+control algorithmn relay"Cross zero"
    Capacity 3 kVA (The power capacity of voltage stabilizer needs to be 1.5~2 times greater than the load power)
    Phase Single Phase
    Input Voltage Range ±15% tolerance of output voltage
    Output Voltage 220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3%
    Adjust Time <1sec. (Against 10% input voltage deviation)
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Current Type AC
    Protection Over Voltage <250±2V
    Protection Lack Voltage <185±2V
    Ambient Temperature -10°C~+40°C
    Insulation Resistance ≥5MΩ
    Temperature Protection 110℃±10℃
    Relative Humidity <90%
    Wave Form Distortion No additional wave form distortion
    Efficiency >95%
    Display LED
    Protection Grade IP20
    Dielectric Strength 1500V/min
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Warranty Period 12 months
    Weight 12 Kg
    Size LxWxH=300x250xx220mm
    Note: The provided 3kVA voltage stabilizer is 1-phase (L, N, G) in accordance with Europe standard. And we can customize the split phase (L1, L2 + G) like USA standard, just confirm us by email after ordering.


    3KVA Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Details

    Tips: How to select a household voltage stabilizer

    1. AC stabilized voltage supply takes the output apparent power (kVA) as its nominal rated capacity. But in general, the loads are not pure resistors, namely the power factor COS¢≠1, so the active power (kW) actually output by the voltage stabilizer is equal to the capacity (kVA)*COS¢.
    2. In actual selection, the stabilized voltage supply shall be reasonably selected according to specific conditions of the power consumption equipment, such as its rated power, power factor and load types. A proper allowance shall be kept for the output power, particularly, the allowance shall be larger for the selection of an impulse load.
    3. Pure resistive load devices, such as filament lamps, resistance wires, electric furnaces, shall select a total power equal to 1.25~1.5 times of load power.
    4. Inductive and capacitive load equipment, such as the fluorescent lamps, fans, motors, pumps, air conditioners, computers and refrigerators, shall select a total power equal to or higher than 2~3 times of load power.
    5. For large inductive and capacitive load equipment (such as motor, computer), starting current is quite large (5~8 times of the rated current), so the capacity of voltage stabilizer shall be 2.5~3 times of the load power.
      For example, two three-phase motors (one is 2.2kW, another is 5.5 kW), when selecting a voltage stabilizer, the capacity shall not be lower than (2.2kW+5.5 kW)*2.5=19.25 kVA, namely a three-phase voltage stabilizer above 20 kVA shall be selected at least.

    In this video ATO uses a voltage regulator and multimeter to test the output voltage of the 3 kva voltage stabilizer which has 140V to 270V AC input, 220V AC output. After testing, we may see that the output voltage is within 220V ± 6%, which is in line with the standard.

    Existing reviews of 3 kVA Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for Home
    This single phase voltage stabilizer works great
    This single phase voltage stabilizer works great. Nice clean and steady power output. We've been using it for 3 months and no problems. Makes no noise at all. Thinking about getting another.
    From: Phil Owens | Date: 24/05/2020
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    Decent price, stable voltage
    I have had a hard time to listen to music with my audio system if I boil water with an electric pot. I was advised to purchase a voltage stabilizer, and it was the most affordable one with high performance. I am delighted.
    From: Dodge DeBoulet | Date: 14/10/2019
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