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    30 kVA 3 phase Industrial AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

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    Energy saving 30 kVA full automatic voltage stabilizer is designed for industrial machine requirement with servo motor. Default three phase 304V-456V AC input (+/- 20% tolerance) and 380V output, input/ output voltage is customizable as you need. When the supply voltage of the distribution network fluctuates or the load changes, the voltage regulator will stabilize the output voltage automatically.
    SKU: ATO-AVS-3P30K
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    30 kVA Voltage Stabilizer Features

    • Default three phase 4-line 175V-265V (phase voltage) 304V-456V AC (line voltage) of wide input voltage range, 380V output
    • High efficiency, large capacity, no waveform distortion, stable voltage regulation
    • The high accuracy ±2~4%/ ±1% of the output voltage (input/ output voltage can be customized)
    • Perfect protection function: Over/ low voltage protection, over heat/ load protection, short circuit protection
    • LCD display the value, easy setup with menu button

    30 kVA 3 phase Industrial AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is a contact adjustable automatic voltage compensation high power regulating power device. When voltage from support network is varied due to loading current effected, it automatically regulates the output voltage to ensure the normal function of the varied of electric equipments.

    30 kVA Voltage Stabilizer Specifications

    Model Number ATO-SBW/ZBW-30K
    Capacity 30 kVA (The power capacity of voltage stabilizer needs to be 1.5~2 times greater than the load power)
    PDF User Manual for 30kVA-3000kVA 3-phase voltage stabilizer
    Phase 3 Phase 4-line
    Input Voltage Range ±15% tolerance for all standard output voltages above 380V.
    ±20% tolerance for required 380V output and all standard voltages below.
    Output Voltage 3 phase 380V (Optional: 110V/ 120V/ 208V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/ 460V/ 480V)
    Output Accuracy ±2~4%/ ±1% (Optional)
    * In case of output accuracy of +/- 2-4%, the voltage stabilizer will be servomotor based, and in case of output accuracy of +/- 1%, the voltage stabilizer would be SCR based.
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Current Type AC
    Efficiency ≥95%
    Response Time ≤1.5S
    Ambient Temperature -15°C~+40°C
    Cooling Method Naturally air cooled
    Insulation Resistance ≥5MΩ
    Electricalintensity Without breakdown and flashover phenomena at power frequency sine voltage 2000V for 1 min
    Overload Capacity Overload current (%) Duration (min)
    20 ≤60
    40 ≤15
    60 ≤5
    Waveform Distortion Non-lack fidelity waveform
    Protection Over-voltage, over-current, feed phases
    Protection Grade IP 24
    Warranty 24 months
    Certificate ISO9001:2008, CE
    Weight 220 Kg
    Package Size 500x830x1130 mm

    3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer Schematic Diagram

    three phase voltage stabilizer schematic diagram

    Industrial Voltage Stabilizer Inner Detail

    3 phase voltage stabilizer details


    Tips: Can the voltage stabilizer increase the voltage?

    The voltage stabilizer can be divided into single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V. Whether it is single-phase or three-phase, it has the function of automatically increasing the voltage. The so-called professional term of increasing voltage is compensation voltage, that is, when the voltage is too low, the regulator will automatically compensate the missing voltage through the compensation package of internal isolation transformer, which is a complete process of voltage stabilizer increasing action.

    Then, what should we do when the voltage is too high? There is a contact voltage regulator inside. The voltage stabilizing system sends out a command that the carbon brush automatically slides on the voltage regulator to achieve the effect of voltage regulation and adjust to a stable voltage value. Therefore, the voltage stabilizer not only has the function of increasing the voltage, but also has the function of automatically reducing the voltage. When we leave the factory, we will set the voltage to the voltage value required by the equipment, and the voltage stabilizer will automatically adjust to the voltage value we set according to our requirements.

    Existing reviews of 30 kVA 3 phase Industrial AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
    Want details for some voltage stabilizer of pump rating
    Could you please provide the details for the below mentioned pump rating.
    This is the only pump that needs voltage stabilizer.
    I appreciate your time and looking forward to hearing from you.
    30 kVA 3 phase Industrial AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
    SKU: ATO-AVS-3P30K
    Output Line Voltage (L L): 400V AC
    Output Accuracy: ± 2%~4%
    With neutral wire.
    From: duran | Date: 06/04/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The motor specifications are:
    Capacity 3HP (2.2kW)
    Voltage 380/400/415V, 50Hz
    Current 5.4/5.5/5.8A
    So, this is the only pump that needs voltage stabilizer?
    If yes, you can choose a voltage stabilizer capacity of 10kVA.
    I have two questions about the automatic voltage regulator for you
    1. Is there any difference between a regulator and an AVR? What are their advantages?
    2. Does the Voltage Stablizer you specified for me have any delay in voltage correction?
    From: Myzzlyn | Date: 22/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    1. Automatic voltage stabilizer output is fixed value with approx +/- 2% tolerance like in your case, but AVR (automatic voltage regulator) output may be a range. So in your case, automatic voltage stabilizer is the most suited as you mentioned below "my main purpose is to control steady voltage to a machine".
    2. Our voltage stabilizer has a high response time ≤1.5S.
    Dimensions of 30 kVA automatic voltage stabilizer
    How can I size the voltage stabilizier when used for a motor?
    From: Jfinva | Date: 02/06/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Just make the voltage stabilizer 1.5 times motor capacity.
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