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    How to Install a Voltage Stabilizer for Home?

    Voltage stabilizer is a kind of power supply equipment which can automatically adjust the output voltage. Its function is to stabilize the power supply voltage which fluctuates greatly and cannot reach the requirement of electrical equipment within its set value range, so that various circuits or electrical equipment can work normally under rated working voltage. With the increasing number of household electrical equipment, the use of voltage stabilizer is more and more extensive. Domestic voltage stabilizer is mainly used to stabilize the voltage of TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. Next, ATO will show you how to install a voltage stabilizer for home.
    500 va 12 kva voltage stabilizer for home

    1. Check the housing, ammeter, switch, indicator lamp, button and wiring terminals of voltage stabilizer.
    2. Connect the voltage stabilizer input terminal to switch board and install a suitable fuse on the switch board, so as to ensure electrical safety.
    3. Connect the power supply of power consumption equipment to the output terminal of this instrument, notice that the rated input voltage of electrical appliances should be consistent with that of the voltage stabilizer, don't connect wrongly.
    4. Turn on the power switch of the voltage stabilizer first and the indicator light works, observe if the indicated value of voltmeter is normal. If the output voltage is normal, turn on the power switch of the power consumption equipment, the voltage stabilizer can adjust voltage automatically.
    5. If the power consumption equipment would be free for a long term, please turn off its power switch to reduce power consumption and extend the service life of the voltage stabilizer.
    6. The voltage stabilizer should not be overloaded. When the market voltage is low and the output capacity reduces, please reduce the load of the voltage stabilizer.
    7. When the selected electric appliances contain refrigerators, air conditioners and pumps, which are equipped with motor, a voltage stabilizer with more than three times of capacity shall be selected, in case the starting current of device exceeds the voltage stabilizer's fuse current or overcurrent protective circuit breaker current, thus melting the fuse or the breaker trips.
    8. The wire connected to the voltage stabilizer should have enough cross section, so as to prevent heating and reduce pressure drop. The voltage stabilizer with a capacity above 2kVA should adopt the terminal connection and a single copper wire should be adopted. Meanwhile, terminal screws shall be fastened to prevent the connection from heating.
    9. No matter the single-phase or three-phase voltage stabilizer, the load power switch shall be firstly turned off after connecting all wires, then turn on the voltage stabilizer. After confirming the output voltage is normal, turn on the load power switch.
    7/25/2021 3:10 PM
    How to install stabilizer for abank ? From change to isolator to the power board
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