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    Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Buying Guide

    Automatic voltage stabilizer is a power supply circuit or equipment which can automatically adjust the output voltage. Its function is to stabilize the power supply voltage which fluctuates greatly and can not meet the requirements of electrical equipment within its set range, so that all kinds of circuits or electrical equipment can work normally under rated working voltage.

    Automatic voltage stabilizer

    Why do we need an automatic voltage stabilizer?

    With the rapid development of society, electric equipment both for civil use and commercial use develop day by day, and the requirements are higher and higher. However, due to the aging and lagging development of power transmission and distribution facilities in some areas, the poor design of lines and insufficient power supply, as well as other reasons, the voltage of end users is low, while the voltage of head users is often high, which is like a time bomb for electrical equipment, especially for high-tech and precision equipment that have strict requirements for voltage. Therefore, we need a voltage stabilizer to protect our power supply and our electrical equipment.

    Unstable voltage may cause fatal damage or malfunction to equipment, affect production, cause delays in delivery, unstable quality and other losses. Meanwhile, unstable voltage may accelerate the aging of the equipment, affect the service life and even burn down the accessories, which brings the trouble of repairing or renewing the equipment to the owners in a short term and wastes resources. What's more, serious accidents may occur, which will result in inestimable losses.

    To sum up the dangerous factors mentioned above, we must use voltage stabilizers with high quality and various functions that can meet various requirements.

    Industrial ac automatic voltage stabilizer

    How to buy a best automatic voltage stabilizer?

    1. Before buying a voltage stabilizer, you'd better determine the reverse range and frequency of household voltage. For instance, if your voltage is pulled to about 80V and the input range of your voltage stabilizer is 140V-260V, it will not work as you wish. Therefore, voltage stabilizers should be selected according to the power supply range of the service environment. It is recommended to choose a broadband voltage stabilizer.

    2. You'd better know the total power of the device you need to stabilize the voltage, and the rated power of your voltage stabilizer should be 30% higher than the total power of all devices when buying a voltage stabilizer. You should know that the heat generated by full load will increase the loss of components. When the voltage stabilizer operates overload, the required current will be too large, and the voltage will inevitably be pulled down.

    3. Automatic voltage regulation function and accuracy. When purchasing a voltage stabilizer, you'd better try to choose the voltage stabilizer with the function of automatic voltage regulation, although the price may be slightly higher, it's more cost-effective than the economic losses caused by burning down of your device. When the voltage changes, traditional voltage stabilizers switch voltage by making use of the principle of relay switching. At the moment of switching, the current will have a slight floating impact. Therefore, the higher the accuracy is, the smaller the current shock is.

    4. It is recommended that you choose a voltage stabilizer that is three times larger than the actual power, because in practice, voltage stabilizers have to overcome surge impact of commercial power and start impact of inductive load (such as refrigerator, air conditioner, motor and electric motor). When choosing a contact automatic voltage stabilizer in the purchase of voltage stabilizer, the rated output voltage stabilizer should have a larger margin than the switched automatic voltage stabilizer. In addition, it is necessary to check the appearance, quality and technique, ensuring that buttons, switches and other operations are flexible and reliable, spare parts are tight and there is no sound of object rolling in the machine when shaking the device components, otherwise there are foreign bodies in the device.

    5. The rated total output of automatic voltage stabilizer should be properly selected (total capacity=total power of household appliances*3). The outline structures of automatic voltage stabilizers include desktop voltage stabilizer, wall-mounted voltage stabilizer, dual-purpose of desktop and wall-mounted voltage stabilizers, as well as floor-type voltage stabilizer. It is recommended that you should choose different styles according to the location of installation, main use and installation capacity.

    1-phase automatic voltage stabilizers for home purpose or 3-phase industrial automatic voltage stabilizers are available on, purchase one to meet your application now!

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