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    How to Stop Gear Motor from Oil Leakage?

    Oil leakage is a common problem for gear motor, and the problem may be caused by box quality, lubricating oil quality, oil seal quality and air pressure outside and inside the box. Meanwhile, excessive lubricating oil will also lead to oil leakage. Once the oil leakage occurs in the gear motor, corresponding measures should be taken, and this paper ATO will introduce the solutions for stopping gear motor oil leakage.ATO planetary gear motor application

    If the oil leakage is caused by the quality of worm reduction gear casting, the leaked oil can be cleaned with gasoline and other cleaning agents, then inject hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 20% into the casting. After one day, take the hydrochloric acid out and clean the casting, the ferrous chloride produced by chemical reaction could block the cracks.

    Oil leakage is also caused by the poor oil recovery in the gear motor. If the oil splashed onto the inner wall of the box can not be returned to the oil pool as soon as possible, it would gradually leak along the shaft. We can take the following measures: Set oil seal on reducer head while using an oil slinger to prevent the leakage of oil, thus making it return to oil pool. An annular oil return chute can also be designed on the die joint to promote the oil recovery, partial oil would flow into the bearing for lubricating. With original oil discharge system and filtered old oil in the gear box, the gear box cleaning and maintenance machine can clean the gear box, filter the old oil and inject fresh oil. The devices would not be changed, nor cleaning agents are added, thus ensuring the safe operation of gearbox and extending the service life. It's also one of the essential steps to reduce the failures of the gear box, and many enterprises ignore it.

    The main reason for oil leakage is that the internal pressure of gear box is greater than the external atmospheric pressure. The greater the pressure difference, the more serious the leakage, therefore proper measures can be taken to balance the pressure. For example, set a vent cap and vent-plug on the tank cover, if the diameters of vent cap and vent-plug are too small, the pressure difference would increase and oil leakage would be more serious. Therefore, inspect carefully when selecting, the vent cap can be opened first and keep the gear motor running for several minutes, check the vent hole with hands. If there's hot wind, the diameter is too small, replace with a larger vent cap.

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