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    How to Keep Gear Motor Dry in Damp Environment?

    Gear motor is widely used in the metallurgy, mine, light industry, chemical industry, steel industry, cement, printing, sugaring, food industry, construction, lifting transportation and fan industry. Working environment of these industry may be damp, and damp environment will directly affect the operation of gear motor. How to keep your gear motor dry when works in such a damp environment?300 w dc gear motor 3000 rpm 12v24v48v

    Electric welder drying method
    Operation and wiring connection of DC welder drying method is similar to that of the AC welder drying method, the connected ammeter should be DC current meter. It's easy to dry the damped gear motor with DC welder, meanwhile, long time drying operation could also be conducted to large and medium gear motor, high voltage gear motor. In this case, if the welder works for a long time or under large current, the internal components will not be damaged due to long time or large current work, and it thereof can be used to large and medium gear motor for a long time. More importantly, all contacts are required to be well connected and fastened when drying with these two methods, the welder's outgoing line shall be special wire, whose section size shall meet the current-carrying capacity of the welder's output current. Pay attention to the cooling of the welder's transformer and temperature of the gear motor's winding, adjust the voltage timely.

    Heating method of external heat source
    For damped gear motor, disassemble it first and then put a high-power filament lamp inside to dry it, or place the gear motor in an oasthouse to dry it. This method is convenient, safe and reliable, but it's only suitable for small gear motors that are easy to disassemble. For large and medium-sized gear motors or gear motors difficult to disassemble, it's not suitable. In this method, the lamp or heat source shall not close to the coils, otherwise coils may be burned out. Canvas and other materials can be placed on the motor housing for heat preservation.

    Above two solutions are suitable for situations in which the gear motor works outdoors for a long time or the gear motor works badly due to bad weather. On one hand, damped motor would affect the normal operation, on the other hand, it may cause safety risks, so these problems should be avoided and we should operate by regular operation procedures in daily use. Well maintenance will promote the gear motor to work smoothly and efficiently.

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