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    Why is the Air Compressor Motor Easy to Burn Out?

    During the operation of the air compressor, if the motor is always easy to be burned, and after the winding is burned, some phenomena or direct causes that caused the burn are covered, making post-mortem analysis and cause investigation more difficult, often making users confused and anxious.
    ATO found a reasonable breakthrough after analysis: The operation of the electric air compressor motor is inseparable from the normal power input, reasonable motor load, good heat dissipation and the protection of the winding enameled wire insulation. Starting from these aspects, it is not difficult to find the reason for the burning of the electric air compressor motor.

    1. Abnormal load and blocked rotor.

    The motor load of theĀ air compressor includes the load required to compress the gas and the load required to overcome mechanical friction. If the pressure ratio is too large or the pressure difference is too large, the compression process will be more difficult. Moreover, the increase in frictional resistance caused by the failure of lubrication and the blocking of the motor of the air compressor in extreme cases will greatly increase the load of the motor.

    At the moment when the air compressor motor starts, the peak value of the current can approach or reach the locked-rotor current. The current during start-up and locked-rotor will quickly heat up the winding. Frequent starts and abnormal loads make the windings withstand the test of high temperature, which will reduce the performance of enameled insulation. After the performance of winding insulation deteriorates, if other factors cooperate, it is easy to cause short circuit and damage.

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    2. Metal shavings cause short circuit.

    Metal shavings contained in the windings of the air compressor motor are the main culprit for short circuits and low grounding insulation values. The normal vibration of the compressor during operation and the twisting of the windings by electromagnetic force each time the compressor is started will cause relative movement and friction between the metal shavings and the winding enameled wire that are interspersed between the windings. Sharp metal shavings can scratch the insulating layer of the enameled wire and cause a short circuit.

    3. There is a problem with the contactor.

    The contactor is one of the important components in the motor control circuit of the air compressor. Unreasonable selection will destroy the compressor.

    The contactor must have a large enough area to dissipate the heat generated by the current of the load, and the contact material must be selected to prevent welding under high current conditions such as starting or stalling. Contactors with small specifications or poor quality cannot withstand compressor start. Blocked rotor and high current impact at low voltage are prone to single-phase or multi-phase contact jitter, and even welding off, which can cause damage to the air compressor motor.

    4. The power supply lacks phase and voltage is abnormal.

    Abnormal voltage and lack of phase can easily destroy any motor, so the power cord of the air compressor motor must be able to carry the rated current of the motor.

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