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    Why Should You Buy a Reactor?

    When a short circuit occurs in the power system, a large short-circuit current will be generated. If not limited, it is very difficult to maintain the dynamic stability and thermal stability of electrical equipment. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of breaking capacity of some circuit breakers, reactors are often connected in series at the outgoing circuit breaker to increase the short-circuit impedance and limit the short-circuit current. Due to the use of reactor, the voltage drop on the reactor is large in case of short circuit, so it also plays a role in maintaining the bus voltage level. It makes the voltage fluctuation on the bus less and ensures the operation stability of user electrical equipment on the non fault line. This is how the reactor works.

    Input Line Reactor Price List

    The input reactor is used to restrain the sudden changes in the grid voltage and the current impact caused by overvoltage, smooth the peak voltage contained in the power supply voltage or the voltage defects caused by commutation of bridge rectifier circuit, thus effectively protecting VFD and improving power factor. It can not only prevent the interference from the power grid, but also reduce the pollution of the harmonic current generated by the rectifier unit to the power grid.