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    Why Choose Brushless Motor for Drones?

    Nowadays, various types of drones and robots are being used more and more widely. Brushless motors are small in size, light in weight and fast in speed, and these features can be said to be very suitable for drones. In this article, we will introduce why brushless motors are more suitable for drones.

    BLDC Motor Overheating Troubleshooting

    When using brushless DC motors, we may encounter failures such as motor overheating or smoke. What are the causes of these problems? How to solve them? Let's discuss the brushless DC motor overheating problem.

    Outrunner Brushless Motor for Electric Bike

    Electric bikes are generally welcomed by the majority of consumers because they are light and fast and adapt to the modern need for environmental protection, efficiency and safety. As a green transportation, electric vehicles require high motor efficiency and high adaptability. Motor is the key of electric bike technology, and the progress of motor technology and the development of power electronics technology are closely related. Under the condition of limited energy, the efficiency of the motor directly affects the main whole index of the electric bike, its volume, weight and appearance also directly affect the shape of the whole electric bike, and the reliability of the motor also directly affects whether the electric bike can be received by the majority of consumers.

    Differences Between Outrunner and Inrunner Brushless Motors

    The advantages of brushless motors are high speed, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs. Brushless motors are widely used in computers, handheld power tools, and various vehicles. In modern industry, people generally choose to purchase brushless motors. Brushless motors are divided into brushless outrunner motors and inrunner motors. Next, the differences between the two types of motors will be following.

    How does a BLDC Motor Control Speed with Controller?

    Brushless DC motor kit consists of a motor and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic product. Because the brushless DC motor operates in a self-controlled manner, it will not add a starting winding to the rotor like a synchronous motor with heavy-load starting under variable frequency speed regulation, nor will it cause oscillation and loss of step when the load changes suddenly. Today we're going to study how to connect a brushless motor to a driver and control speed.

    ATO BLDC Motor Wiring and Testing

    Generally, the wiring principle of brushless DC motor is basically similar. Next, we choose the model ATO-BLDC-40030 of ATO high torque BLDC motor and its matching controller ATO-BLDC-TH-G as examples to show you how to connect the motor to the controller and make the motor rotate.
    ATO high torque BLDC motor and controller

    BLDC Motor Working Principle

    Brushless DC motor (BLDC) uses electronic phase-changing circuit to supply DC power to motor rotor winding. Since there is no mechanical brush, it is called brushless DC motor. Because of brushless DC motor with high efficiency and accurate control performance, and can use the electronic packaging to meet the needs of security specification features. Under the demands of global energy conservation and carbon reduction, it is widely applied in the field of air conditioning, such as common DC inverter, brushless DC technology; it also can be used in hybrid electric vehicle and some appliances of high economic value, such as electric fans and other products.

    Brushless DC Motor, How it works?

    Brushless DC motor consists of the motor and drive, is a typical mechatronic product. The stator windings of the motor are mostly made using three-phase symmetrical star connection, which is very similar to the three-phase asynchronous motor. Magnetically charged permanent magnets are attached to the rotor of the motor. In order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, a position sensor is provided in the motor.

    Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Price List

    A brushless DC (BLDC) motor is highly reliable since it does not have any brushes to wear out and replace, brushless design for high speeds, long life and high power density. ATO has a wide selection of high quality and good performance brushless DC motors to meet your specific needs. They come in different size to provide you the right torque for your application. The price of our brushless DC motors listed in the form are reasonable and for reference only. If you want more information, please go to ATO brushless DC motors products page.

    Brushed DC Motor vs. Brushless DC Motor

    DC motors are mainly divided into brushless DC motors and brushed DC motors.
    Brushed DC motor
    DC motor is famous for its good start-up performance and speed performance, in which brushed DC motors use mechanical commutator to make driving simple, see the model diagram shown in Figure 1.
    The motor is mainly composed of a stator made of permanent magnetic material, a rotor (armature) wound with a coil winding, a commutator and a brush. As long as the brush A and B at both ends of a certain direct current, the motor commutator will automatically change the direction of the motor rotor magnetic field, so that DC motor rotor will continue to run.