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    Outrunner Brushless Motor for Electric Bike

    Electric bikes are generally welcomed by the majority of consumers because they are light and fast and adapt to the modern need for environmental protection, efficiency and safety. As a green transportation, electric vehicles require high motor efficiency and high adaptability. Motor is the key of electric bike technology, and the progress of motor technology and the development of power electronics technology are closely related. Under the condition of limited energy, the efficiency of the motor directly affects the main whole index of the electric bike, its volume, weight and appearance also directly affect the shape of the whole electric bike, and the reliability of the motor also directly affects whether the electric bike can be received by the majority of consumers.

    Differences Between Outrunner and Inrunner Brushless Motors

    The advantages of brushless motors are high speed, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs. Brushless motors are widely used in computers, handheld power tools, and various vehicles. In modern industry, people generally choose to purchase brushless motors. Brushless motors are divided into brushless outrunner motors and inrunner motors. Next, the differences between the two types of motors will be following.