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    Brushless DC Motor, How it works?

    Brushless DC motor consists of the motor and drive, is a typical mechatronic product. The stator windings of the motor are mostly made using three-phase symmetrical star connection, which is very similar to the three-phase asynchronous motor. Magnetically charged permanent magnets are attached to the rotor of the motor. In order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, a position sensor is provided in the motor.

    brushless dc motor rotor and statorBrushless DC motor, how does it works? The stator of brushless DC motor is coil winding armature, and the rotor is a permanent magnet. If only connecting a fixed DC current to the motor, the motor can only produce a constant magnetic field and cannot be turned up. The motor can only run with the magnetic field together if the rotor position is detected and the corresponding current is connected to the motor according to the rotor.

    The figure shown below is the working principle diagram of brushless DC motor, for the convenience of description, the stator coil center of the stator is connected to the power supply "POWER", each phase of the end is connected to the power tube, connect the power tube G with 12V when the position sensor is on, and the corresponding phase coil is energized. As the three position sensors following with the rotor rotation, they will be tuned on one by one, so that the corresponding phase coils are also energized, so the stator magnetic field direction is also constantly changing, followed by rotation of the motor rotor, which is the basic rotation principle of brushless DC motor - detecting the position of the rotor and energizing the phases in sequence, so that the direction of the magnetic field generated by the stator changes continuously and uniformly.
    brushless DC motor working principle

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    8/10/2018 1:03 PM
    Hi... We are planning to launch our own Electric Car with Solar panel as well as with Electric provision. It will not have any gasoline engine in it.
    We want to run it atleast 200 kms in one full charge of the brushless battery and low on maintenance. Its maximum speed should be 80-100km per hour.
    Please suggest us the Voltage/Watt of the battery to order and its cost. The car has 4 seating with the size of normal 1000 cc car with gasoline engine.

    Your advice will help us a lot and we'll appreciate your sooner reply to our query.

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