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    How Does a Transformer Work?

    Transformer is the device to exchange AC voltage, current and impedance, when alternating current goes through the primary coil, the iron core (or magnetic core) will produce AC magnetic flux so that the secondary coil could induce voltage (or current ).ATO isolation transformer 7 kva Transformer consists of iron core (or magnetic core) and coils, the coils include two or more than two windings, the winding which is connected to the power supply is called the primary winding coil, the remaining windings are called the secondary coil.
    How does a transformer work? Transformers mainly applies electromagnetic induction principle to work, the working principle details are as follows: When the primary side of the transformer is applied with the alternating voltage U1 and the current flowing through the primary winding is I1, then the current will generate alternating magnetic flux in the iron core to generate electromagnetic connections between the primary winding and the secondary windings.
    ato transformer working principle
    According to the electromagnetic induction principle, electromotive force will be induced when the alternating magnetic flux goes through these two windings, the magnitude of electromotive force is proportional to the winding turns and the maximum main flux, the voltage of more winding turns is high and the voltage of less winding turns is low, when the secondary side of the transformer opens circuit, that is to say when the transformer is no-load, the first and secondary end voltage is proportional to the number of the first and secondary winding turns, that is U1 / U2 = N1 / N2, but the primary and secondary frequency stays the same to realize the change of voltage.

    The transformers that offered on are step up & step down isolation transformerssingle phase and three phase are available.

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