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    How to use a visible spectrophotometer?

    How to use a visible spectrophotometer?
    1. Please don't operate the visible spectrophotometer casually when you don’t know its performance deeply, operations shall be carried out under the guidance of operators skilled in the visible spectrophotometer.uv vis spectrophotometer

    2. Pay attention to sunscreen, anti drenching, damp proof and anti vibration. In case the visible spectrophotometer is dampened, put it in a cool and ventilated place, package after drying.

    3. Install the tripod leg stably and center before installing the visible spectrophotometer, then tighten the center helix immediately after placing the visible spectrophotometer on the tripod leg. Operators can’t leave the instrument during the whole measurement process, in case the instrument falls.

    4. The force should be equally when operating the visible spectrophotometer. In application, the screws shall not be tightened too tightly, in case of slide fastener and damage. The fine-motion screw shall be kept at the middle position, and all fine-motion screws shall be adjusted to the central position after operation.

    5. Don’t rotate the collimation part and the telescope before loosening clamp screw, otherwise the shafting may be damaged. Loosen the clamp screw firstly before rotating the collimation part, it’s strictly forbidden to rotate the telescope by holding it.

    6. Don’t aim the visible spectrophotometer at the sun directly when observing, otherwise the internal parts may be damaged and eyes may be hurt. When the sunlight is dim (in the morning or at dusk) or the sunlight shines the objective lens directly, cover the lens with your hand or a sun umbrella. When observing in strong sunlight, please shade the visible spectrophotometer with an umbrella.

    7. Charge the visible spectrophotometer before using, confirm the battery voltage is in normal condition before using.

    8. Place the visible spectrophotometer in the box when crossing barriers, such as a river, ditch or wall. If it’s not placed in a box, the visible spectrophotometer shall be transfer from one to another, it’s not allowed to jump the barrier with carrying the instrument, in case it’s shocked or falls. Sitting on the visible spectrophotometer box, scaleplate or legs is strictly forbidden.

    9. Clean the eyepiece slightly with a banister brush in case of dust on it, don’t wipe with a handkerchief or finger.

    10. Don’t rotate the screw forcefully when it’s not well lubricated, please check the cause and eliminate.

    11. Operations must be carried out by one person. When changing to another people, please check if the central screw is fastened, in case the visible spectrophotometer falls when operation or moving it.visible spectrophotometer

    12. Don’t disassemble any part of the visible spectrophotometer casually, because frequent disassembling may affect the measurement accuracy.

    13. If the tripod leg is not installed properly, the measurement will be affected directly and the visible spectrophotometer may fall off. When taking the visible spectrophotometer away from the pedestal, please hold the bracket with one hand while another hand removes the central screws of bracket legs, it’s strictly forbidden to screw the central screws without holding the bracket legs.

    14. Don’t touch the dividing plane of the leveling rod and protect it from being damaged by hard objects. When using the steel sopwith staff and striped ruler, keep it away from the electrical equipment (such as high voltage cable, substation). Don’t use in thunder, in case of the danger of electric shock and lightning strike.

    15. The steel ruler should be protected from been twisted, tread and rusted, wipe the mud with cotton or cloth after using the ruler. The rust parts should be removed and coated with butter or light oil on that day. The clean ruler can also be immersed in the diesel oil instead of coating with oil, the rust resistance effect is also perfect.

    16. Wear gloves when using the striped ruler because dust or damage on the surface of striped ruler may lead to the failure of numerical ading and measurement.

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