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    VIS Spectrophotometer vs. UV VIS Spectrophotometer

    Visible spectrophotometer can perform quantitative measurement, DNA/protein test, total phosphorus and nitrogen test, heavy metal test, pesticide residue test, food safety test, thermal power generation metal ion test, etc. Widely used in food, medicine, electricity, biology Research, teaching and scientific research, chemistry and chemical industry, quality supervision, water quality and environmental protection and commodity inspection and other major fields.

    The UV-Vis spectrophotometer is an analytical instrument based on the principle of UV-Vis spectrophotometry, which uses the radiation absorption of substance molecules to the UV-Vis spectral region to analyze. The ultraviolet light region usually uses a hydrogen lamp or a deuterium lamp, and the visible light region usually uses a tungsten lamp or a tungsten halogen lamp. The function of the monochromator is to split the composite light emitted by the light source and separate the monochromatic light of the desired wavelength from it. There are two types of dispersive elements: prisms and gratings. Ultraviolet visible spectrophotometers from can be divided into single beam spectrophotometers and split beam spectrophotometers.

    VIS Spectrophotometer vs. UV VIS Spectrophotometer

    Difference between VIS Spectrophotometer and UV VIS Spectrophotometer

    • Differences in optical devices. Since glass can absorb ultraviolet waves and has better permeability to the visible to near-infrared end, some optical components of the visible spectrophotometer can use glass, while the UV visible spectrophotometer cannot. Glass parts are used, and quartz optical parts are generally used. Visible spectrophotometers can use glass cuvettes, while UV VIS spectrophotometers generally use quartz cuvettes.
    • Differences in light sources. The light source of visible spectrophotometer only uses tungsten lamp, while the UV visible spectrophotometer can use tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp, and there are additional switching parts for these two light source lamps, because the spectral range of tungsten lamps is mainly in the visible to near infrared range, and the deuterium lamps are mainly in the ultraviolet end. In addition, the UV Vis spectrophotometer has a deuterium lamp power supply that is specially designed to provide deuterium lamp work. provides different types of spectrophotometers for you, shop now!

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