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    Visible Spectrophotometer, Single Beam, 340/325-1000nm

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    Low price VIS spectrophotometer is designed for general quantitative analysis in visible region, with wavelength range 340-1000nm or 325-1000nm, high accuracy, good stability, easy operation and compact structure.
    SKU: ATO-VIS-721G
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    • High-quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm diffraction grating, to ensure high quality and high precision.
    • Backlit LCD display, easy for readout.
    • Precise automatic T/A changeover, and automatic adjustment 0A and 100%T.
    • Easy switching of transmittance, absorbance and concentration modes, just by pressing one key.
    • Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function.
    • Easy to change the halogen lamp or deuterium lamp by the user.


    Economic visible spectrophotometers are widely used in colleges and enterprises for general quantitative analysis and experiments based in absorbance measurements, such as medical and health, clinical testing, biochemistry, petrochemicals, environmental protection, quality control, and teaching labs.


    Models ATO-721G ATO-722G
    Optical System Single beam, diffraction grating
    Wavelength Range 340-1000 nm 325-1000 nm
    Light Source Tungsten halogen lamp 12V/20W
    Receiving Component Photocell
    Wavelength Accuracy ±2nm
    Wavelength Repeatability ≤1nm
    Spectrum Bandwidth 5nm
    Transmittance Accuracy ±0.5% (T) (NBS930D)
    Transmittance Repeatability ≤0.2% (T)
    Transmittance Measuring Range (T) 0.0%~100.0%
    Absorbance Measuring Range (A) 0.000~1.999
    Concentration Read-out Range 0000~1999
    Stray Light ≤0.5% (T) (at 360nm, NaNO2)
    Drifting ≤0.5% (T)/3min
    Signal Noise (T) 100% Noise≤0.3%, 0% Noise≤0.2%
    Port RS232
    Cell Holder 50mm
    Power Supply 220V 50Hz (Optional 110V 60Hz: pls tell us by email)
    G.W. 13.5kg
    Package Dimensions 560 x 480 x 290mm
    Software Optional

    *Standard accessories: User manual 1pc + 1cm glass cuvette 4pcs + Power cable 1pc

    Tips: Maintaniance for Spectrophotometers

    Spectrophotometers are precision instruments. Due to the working environment, operating methods and so on, its technical conditions will inevitably change in the operation, which may affect the performance of the instrument, and even cause the equipment failure. Therefore, analysts are able to detect and eliminate these hidden dangers in time, in order to ensure the normal operation of instruments and equipment.

    • If the test wavelength is changed significantly, wait for a moment until the lamp reaches heat balance, recalibrate the "0" and "100%" points and then measure again.
    • After using the cuvette, immediately rinse it with distilled water and wipe the water mark with clean soft gauze in case of the damage of surface which will affect the light transmittance of the cuvette.
    • The operator had better not move the light bulb and reflector lamp, so as not to affect the light efficiency.
    • After the amplifier sensitivity shifts, it must be re-zeroed.
    • Cuvettes should be assorted. The cuvette must be compatible used; otherwise it will make the test result meaningless.
    Existing reviews of Visible Spectrophotometer, Single Beam, 340/325-1000nm
    Visible spectrophotometer provides 4 cuvettes
    We need a multi-cell holder: at least 2 cuvettes should be connected to the visible spectrophotometer?
    From: Angie | Date: 04/03/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we provide 4 of them.
    Standard accessories: user manual 1pc+ 1cm glass cuvette 4pcs+ power cord 1pc.
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