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    ATO BLDC Motor Wiring and Testing

    As brushless DC motor has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance of AC motor, as well as the advantages of high efficiency, no excitation loss and good speed regulation performance of DC motor, it has been widely used in various fields nowadays.

    Generally, the wiring principle of brushless DC motor is basically similar. Next, we choose the model ATO-BLDC-40030 of ATO high torque BLDC motor and its matching controller ATO-BLDC-TH-G as examples to show you how to connect the motor to the controller and make the motor rotate.

    First Step:Connect power extension lines with the BLDC motor
    This 400W 24V brushless DC motor equipped with three power extension lines and five signal lines. Firstly, We connect power extension lines with the BLDC motor as long as the line's color corresponds to each other. The signal line has been connected to the circular entry, we only need to connect the other end of the controller signal line to the plug of the motor signal line.

    ATO high torque BLDC motor and controller

    Second Step:Connection of switch, potentiometer and controller
    Then we connect the positive and negative signal lines to the switch and connect the speed control signal line to the potentiometer. Here we use a 2W, 4.7kΩ potentiometer to control the 0~5V speed control signal.

    Wiring of switch and potentiometer

    Something should be noted:

    1. The power line and the controller port should be firmly connected.
    2. The red line is connected to A, the yellow line is connected to B, and the blue line is connected to C.
    3. Connect the positive pole of the power supply to B+ and the negative pole to B-.
    4. Start control signal line 1 PWR connected to B+ via button switch.

    Wiring of controller

    Final Step:Power-on and test

    1. Press the start button and the controller will change from red light to green light immediately.
    2. Toggle the switch to select the direction of motor rotation.
    3. Turn the potentiometer and the motor starts to accelerate.
    4. Switch the direction of rotation.
    5. BLDC motor starts to rotate in the opposite direction after turning the potentiometer.
    6. Close the start button and the test ends.

    In addition, you can watch the video below for more detailed wiring instructions. The wiring operation is also suitable for ATO high torque brushless DC motors with other power rating such as 750W, 1kW, 2kW.

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