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    400W Brushless DC Motor, 24V/48V, 1.3 Nm, 3000 rpm

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    Lower price 24 volt / 48 volt BLDC electric motor matches with BLDC motor controller, 3000 rpm rated speed, 1.3 Nm rated torque, peak torque up to 4 Nm. 400W 3-phase brushless DC motor kit (motor + controller + gearbox) best for electric car.
    SKU: ATO-BLDC-400R3
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    Buy 1/2 hp (400 watt) brushless DC motor with powerful BLDC controller. Features 3 phase and 4 pair of poles, 24V/48V voltage, rated speed of 3000 rpm, max speed up to 3600 rpm. IP54 rating with shaft seal, complete protection from dust particles, can be subjected to moist or humid environments. Voltage, Brake, Matching Controller, Matching Gearbox options are available for your specific needs. In general, it would be more cost-effective to buy a complete set of our BLDC motors.

    Basic Specifications

    • Model: ATO-D5BLD400
    • Matched Controller Model: ATO-BLD750 (Click to the product page)
    • Rated Power: 400W
    • Rated Voltage: 24V DC / 48V DC / 72V DC / 96V DC (Optional)
    • Rated Current: 21.3A at 24V, 10.6A at 48V, 7.1A at 72V, 5.3A at 96V
    • Phase: 3 phase
    • Holding Torque: 1.3 Nm
    • Peak Torque: 2.54 Nm
    • Rated Speed: 3000 rpm
    • No-load Speed: 3600 rpm
    • Square Flange Size: 80 mm
    • Weight: 2.4 kg

    Technical Parameters

    • Working Efficiency: 85%
    • Number of Pole: 4 pairs of poles (8 poles)
    • Brake Apparatus Voltage: 24V DC/ 48V DC, (If 24V voltage is not connected, the motor brake.)
    • Brake length: 40-50mm
    • Insulation Grade: F
    • Protection Grade: IP54
    • Working Temperature: 10℃~+40℃
    • Humidity: ≤90% (no condensation)
    • Motor Lead Length: 1 meter
    • Certificate: CE, ROHs, ISO/TS16949

    Note: Power, Voltage, Speed, Shaft, Motor Length, Motor Lead of ATO BLDC Motors can be customized.


    1. High performance and low consumption
      400W BLDC motor is three phase electric motor, which especially suited for application requiring higher efficiency and power density.
    2. Wide application range and good control effect
      Brushless DC motor works with a matching controller (ATO-BLD750) may achieve simple to complex control, turn from CW to CCW, and meet various communication requirements (RS232, RS485, CAN, etc.). BLDC controller can be controlled through 0-5VDC analog signal to adjust the speed.
    3. Wide control speed torque range
      Brushless DC motor works with a gearbox (choose planetary gearbox with gear ratio from 4:1 to 200:1 or worm gearbox with gear ratio from 7.5:1 to 100:1) effectively reduce the motor's speed and moment of inertia to increase torque in your application, because the gearbox can control the start/stop and change speed in time.
    4. Low noise and smooth operation
      Brushless DC motor has no brushes, no sparks will be generated during operation, which greatly reduces friction.
    5. Good protection performance and continuous duty (24/7)
      400W BLDC motor kit adopts a new type of sealing device, which has good protection performance and strong adaptability to the environment, and works continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.

    Line Define

    BLDC motor line define

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    400W 3000rpm BLDC motor dimension


    350W BLDC Motor Details

    Tips: Brushless Design Benefits of Brushless Motor

    The traditional traction motors are driven by a DC brush motor, but there are troubles and difficulties in maintenance due to the problem of the motor carbon brush commutator. Brush DC motor cannot be made into a closed structure, it is not suitable to apply in poor environment. However, trams are mobile devices that must withstand harsh environments and bumpy vibrations that happen to be unacceptable to brush DC motors.

    ATO DC brushless motor is applied with the control principle of permanent magnet DC brushless motor, there is no carbon brush and commutator, therefore the motor can be designed to withstand a variety of weather-tight closed-structure. The motor has no maintenance problems, and with a simple structure, it is resistant to bumps and vibrations, in order to achieve a long life.

    After applying the DC brushless motors, all the previous problems can be solved. Since there is no need for carbon brush, the motor can be made into a closed type to avoid the problem that it may face in a bad environment, the starting torque can be up to 400 ~ 600 %.


    ATO High Torque BLDC Motor Drawings & Price


    1. ATO highly recommends 48V motors because all models of 48V are in stock, the price is cheaper and the delivery time is shorter, only about 7 days.
    2. 24V/ 72V/ 96V motors are generally not in stock, need to be produced by the factory, which will cost more to start the production line and the delivery time will be longer, about 25 days.
    3. The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us.
    Model Motor Price Controller Price Rated Power
    (USD/Piece) (USD/Piece) (kW)
    80mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-80WDM01330 24/48/72/96V 24V: 458.24 395.52 0.41
    48V: 305.49
    72/96V: 580.43
    ATO-80WDM02420 24/48/72/96V 24V: 564.53 395.52 0.5
    48V: 376.35
    72/96V: 715.06
    ATO-80WDM02430 24/48/72/96V 24V: 529.16 395.52 0.75
    48V: 352.77
    72/96V: 670.26
    ATO-80WDM03320 24/48/72/96V 24V: 597.68 395.52 0.69
    48V: 398.45
    72/96V: 757.36
    ATO-80WDM03330 24/48/72/96V 24V: 639.27 395.52 1.04
    48V: 426.18
    72/96V: 809.74
    110mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-110WDM02020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 687.38 395.52 0.4
    48V: 458.25
    72/96V: 824.85
    ATO-110WDM02030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 745.11 395.52 0.6
    48V: 496.74
    72/96V: 894.13
    ATO-110WDM04010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 779.86 395.52 0.4
    48V: 519.93
    72/96V: 935.87
    ATO-110WDM04020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 788.57 395.52 0.8
    48V: 525.71
    72/96V: 988.33
    ATO-110WDM04030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 798.63 653.05 1.3
    48V: 532.42
    72/96V: 1001.95
    ATO-110WDM06010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 758.82 395.52 0.6
    48V: 505.88
    72/96V: 956.69
    ATO-110WDM06020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 819.59 653.05 1.3
    48V: 546.39
    72/96V: 1010.82
    ATO-110WDM06030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 995.94 653.05 1.9
    48V: 553.28
    72/96V: 1051.23
    130mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-130WDM04010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 876.95 395.52 0.4
    48V: 584.62
    72/96V: 1099.08
    ATO-130WDM04020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 910.67 395.52 0.8
    48V: 607.13
    72/96V: 1104.98
    ATO-130WDM04030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 959.18 653.05 1.3
    48V: 639.45
    72/96V: 1151.01
    ATO-130WDM06010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 987.65 395.52 0.6
    48V: 658.43
    72/96V: 1185.17
    ATO-130WDM06020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1012.23 653.05 1.3
    48V: 674.82
    72/96V: 1147.19
    ATO-130WDM06030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1047.72 653.05 1.9
    48V: 698.48
    72/96V: 1208.34
    ATO-130WDM07710 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1060.07 395.52 0.8
    48V: 706.71
    72/96V: 1257.94
    ATO-130WDM07720 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1093.21 653.05 1.6
    48V: 738.65
    72/96V: 1292.64
    ATO-130WDM07730 48/72/96V 48V: 751.52 653.05 2.3
    72/96V: 1337.71
    ATO-130WDM10010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1161.55 653.05 1
    48V: 784.83
    72/96V: 1396.89
    ATO-130WDM10020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1224.36 653.05 2
    48V: 816.24
    72/96V: 1371.28
    ATO-130WDM10030 48/72/96V 48V: 879.12 898.21 3.1
    72/96V: 1450.55
    ATO-130WDM15010 24/48/72/96V 24V:1311.88 653.05 1.6
    48V: 936.47
    72/96V: 1498.35
    ATO-130WDM15020 48/72/96V 48V: 1086.36 898.21 3.1
    72/96V: 1738.17
    ATO-130WDM15030 48/72/96V 48V: 1127.54 1119.07 4.7
    72/96V: 1804.64
    180mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-180WDM12010 48/72/96V 48V: 1246.31 653.05 1.3
    72/96V: 1994.09
    ATO-180WDM12020 48/72/96V 48V: 1323.69 653.05 2.5
    72/96V: 2117.91
    ATO-180WDM12030 48/72/96V 48V: 1398.84 898.21 3.8
    72/96V: 2238.14
    ATO-180WDM16010 48/72/96V 48V: 1555.69 653.05 1.7
    72/96V: 2411.32
    ATO-180WDM16020 48/72/96V 48V: 1625.36 898.21 3.4
    72/96V: 2568.07
    ATO-180WDM16030 48/72/96V 48V: 1745.93 1119.07 5
    72/96V: 2618.89
    ATO-180WDM25010 48/72/96V 48V: 2012.54 653.05 2.6
    72/96V: 3179.81
    ATO-180WDM25020 48/72/96V 48V: 2274.19 1119.07 5.2
    72/96V: 3411.26
    ATO-180WDM25030 48/72/96V 48V: 2448.58 1531.99 7.9
    72/96V: 3672.87
    ATO-180WDM36010 48/72/96V 48V: 2644.28 898.21 3.8
    72/96V: 3966.42
    ATO-180WDM36020 48/72/96V 48V: 2832.56 1119.07 7.5
    72/96V: 4248.84
    ATO-180WDM36030 72/96V 72/96V: 4334.69 1885.15 11.3
    ATO-180WDM50010 48/72/96V 48V: 3284.58 1119.07 5.2
    72/96V: 4556.41
    ATO-180WDM50020 48/72/96V 48V: 4344.12 1531.99 10.8
    72/96V: 5994.72
    ATO-180WDM50030 96V 96V: 6204.65 2261.84 15.7


    Wiring ATO High Torque BLDC Motor With Controller

    In this video, we will show you how to connect a ATO 400W-15kW 24V/48V/72V/96V high torque brushless DC motor with the matching controller.

    How to Make Your BLDC Motor Forward and Reverse Control

    If you want your electric car to be more powerful, try using ATO high torque BLDC motor kit as the power unit. It is a good idea. Refer to the video step by step to operate, you can achieve the forward and reverse control of the brushless DC motor.

    Existing reviews of 400W Brushless DC Motor, 24V/48V, 1.3 Nm, 3000 rpm
    Need a BLDC motor to make 250kg Automated sliding door
    I need one bldc motor for 250kg sliding door. The speed of the door is 15-20cm/sec. What do you recommend?
    From: Yaseer | Date: 11/04/2024
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    ATO Responded
    We need to know more information such as the sliding coefficient of the system, the movement angle and the mechanical structure, etc.
    update the page for the motor
    I might want to update the page for the motor, it also shows .96Nm as the peak torque in the description. Unfortunately, it might not work for our application anymore, so does the 400w motor only have 300 watts capacity?
    what is the rated torque of the gearbox? do you have the chart of specific efficiencies?
    From: Mattew | Date: 06/11/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Sorry, this is an error in the description of our website.
    The rated torque of this 400w motor at 3000rpm is 1.27Nm, and the peak torque is 2.54Nm (but it can only last for 2-3 seconds).
    The efficiency of the turbo reducer is only about 60%. The final torque output by this 400W motor matched with the 30:1 turbo reducer is about 34Nm.

    What is the final torque output of the gearbox required by your system? What is the final speed?
    Weight of 400W brushless DC motor
    For your 1/2 hp (400W) 24V/48V 3000rpm brushless DC motor -> I want to know the weight of the motor with a gearbox reduction of 1:120?
    From: Jenn | Date: 07/12/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Motor weight: 3.5kg.
    Gear box weight: 3.5kg.
    Total: 7kg.
    Need a BLDC motor for AGV application
    We want one of your BLDC motor to use in our AGV application (automatic guided vehicle), what do you recommend?
    From: Gavin | Date: 31/08/2020
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    We need to know about the following, so can recommend the most suited motor:
    1. What is required motor power capacity, rated voltage, and output speed?
    2. What is the the wheel diameter?
    3. How many motors are needed for an AGV?
    4. Does the motor need to climb, what is the slope?
    5. Do you need synchronous control?
    6. Will you install wheels or track wheels?
    Can we control 2 BLDC motors via one controller?
    Can we control 2pcs 400W BLDC motors via one controller like an electric wheelchair?
    From: Alain | Date: 12/11/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    No, it is better to use one controller to control one motor.
    Will order 3pcs 400W BLDC motor with gearbox
    Could you give me a weight for the 400W IP54 BLDC motor with a 20:1 gearbox with and without brake? I think this motor kit is perfect for my project, will order 3pcs after info was confirmed.
    From: Eric J | Date: 22/07/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, the motor is 2.4 kg, the 20:1 gearbox is 2.7 kg, and "motor + gearbox" weight is 5.1 kg.
    Will send you detailed drawing if needed.
    Great Brushless DC Motor
    A good product from ATO, I bought this 1/2 hp (400W) 24V/48V 3000rpm brushless DC motor a week ago. I use it in a rock tumbler. It works great as both a motor and a generator.
    From: Dominic | Date: 28/02/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Great brushless DC motor and controller
    Great brushless DC motor and controller. I bought 3 sets of these at different times and all were similar in quality and work with no issues.
    From: Vince Falasca | Date: 22/01/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    worked perfectly for go kart
    This 400W 24V brushless DC motor is the one I requied, it worked perfectly for my go kart system.
    From: Ricky | Date: 06/06/2018
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
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