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    Brushless DC Motor Controller, 18V ~ 52V

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    Brushless DC motor controller is used for 50W to 750W 3 phase BLDC motor, worm gear motor or planetary gear motor to perform speed control, power supply range from 18V to 52V DC, typical power is 48V DC.
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    BLDC motor controller works at 18V to 52V power supply and typical power is 48V DC. Its speed control is up to 20000 rpm, output current is up to 25A, used for 3 phase brushless motor, worm and planetary gear motor.


    Model ATO-BLD750 (Click it to see more controller specs)
    Power Supply 18V ~ 52V DC
    Typical Power 48V DC
    Rated Current 25A
    Max. Output Current 25A
    Over Voltage Protection 5V
    Under Voltage Protection 12mA
    External Potentiometer 10KΩ
    Input Analog Voltage 5 VDC
    Speed Control Range 20000rpm
    *Limited by the maximum rated speed of the motor

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of BLDC Motor Controller 18V ~ 52V


    18V~52V BLDC Motor Controller Details

    Tips: What are the functions of brushless DC motor controllers?

    The brushless DC motor controller can perform simple variable speed control. All important currents are determined by a single external resistor. The motor start and stop can be completed by the power supply of the circuit. The start timing sequence can be completed by two capacitors. The control function can be operated independently, and the peripheral circuit is simple and adopts the new back-EMF commutation technology, which can provide the smallest jitter-free torque and can carry out the most efficient control. It has a commutation PLC, which can effectively suppress the PWM spike noise signal.

    Existing reviews of Brushless DC Motor Controller, 18V ~ 52V
    What controller means when the red LED flashes 6 times?
    Hi, I am receiving a 6 flash error code on my Brushless DC Driver but I do not see a table in the spec sheet that outlines what this error code entails.
    Could you let me know what it means when the red LED flashes 6 times?
    From: ritchie | Date: 19/07/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Please provide your wiring diagram for further confirmation.
    Good value for money.
    This BLDC motor controller is good value for the money. Works like it should for now. I recommend this company on their customer support alone but what makes it even greater is their products are just as good. I'd buy again if I needed.
    From: Karlson | Date: 17/05/2022
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    Strong and perfect BLDC controller.
    It is a strong and perfect BLDC controller. Perfect fit for my 750W 3 phase brushless DC motor. I have used this BLDC motor controller lover a month and so far it works great. Easy to wire and very powerful. Yes I would buy more.
    From: Marcus | Date: 14/04/2022
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