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    Hydraulic Motor Price List

    Hydraulic motors are mechanical actuators that convert hydraulic pressure and flow into torque and angular displacement (rotation). Hydraulic motors are the rotary counterparts of hydraulic cylinders as linear actuators. ATO has high torque, high speed, high efficiency hydraulic radial piston motor, hydraulic pump motor, hydraulic orbital motor, optional working power 8-50 horsepower (6kW-38kW), rated pressure 2300~3600 psi, speed range 15-1500 rpm , ATO hydraulic motors have competitive prices and a wide range of applications.

    Diaphragm Pump Price List

    Diaphragm pump is a new type of mechanical transportation equipment, which can be used for all kinds of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable and highly toxic liquids. Diaphragm pumps are divided into pneumatic diaphragm pumps and electric diaphragm pumps, and their materials are engineering plastics, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

    Vacuum Circuit Breaker Price List

    Vacuum circuit breaker is an internal power distribution device in three-phase AC system with voltage of 3-10kV and frequency of 50Hz. In industrial and mining organizations, power plants and substations can be used to protect and control electrical equipment. The vcb circuit breaker can be configured in the middle cabinet, double-layer cabinet and fixed cabinet to manage and protect the high-voltage electrical equipment in the maintenance and frequent operation area.

    Radiation Sensor Price List

    Solar radiation is radiant energy emitted by the sun from a nuclear fusion reaction that creates electromagnetic energy. The spectrum of solar radiation is close to that of a black body with a temperature of about 5800 K. About half of the radiation is in the visible short-wave part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The other half is mostly in the near-infrared part, with some in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.

    Brushed DC Motor Price List

    The working of brushed DC motors relies on the interaction between the stator and rotor electromagnetic fields, which are controlled to periodically generate attractive and repulsive forces between the stator and rotor, thereby causing motion. A brushed DC motor has a large number of coils wound around its armature, and the resulting strong magnetic field interacts with an external magnetic field to generate rotational motion.

    DC-DC Converter Price List

    A DC-DC converter is a power supply or electromechanical device which can convert a direct current (DC) power source from one level to another. Its power can range from very small (small power source) to very large (high voltage power conversion). Some DC-DC converters have the same reference point for the output voltage and input voltage, while some DC-DC converters have the output voltage isolated from the input voltage.

    Hub Motor Price List

    When a wheel motor is energized, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, which drives the wheels and propels the vehicle forward. Hub motors are widely used in electric vehicles because of their professional design and low price.

    PH Electrode Price List

    The electrode used in potentiometry is various pH electrodes, such as universal combination pH electrode, PTFE pH electrode, FGD pH electrode, pH glass electrode, high-temperature pH electrode, etc. ATO pH electrodes are accurate, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and all at a reasonable price, below is the price list.

    Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor Price List

    Radial piston hydraulic motor is high efficiency, high torque at low speeds and compact design allows its use in different fields such as industrial, marine, off-shore, mobile, and agriculture. ATO radial piston hydraulic motors are high-temperature resistance, high pressure, not easy to leakage, and all at a reasonable price, below is the price list.

    Digital Counter Price List

    A Digital counter is a device that can record the number of pulses, is the most commonly used logic component in digital circuits. The advantages of electronic counters are high measurement accuracy, wide range, multiple functions, simple operation, fast measurement speed, direct display of numbers, and ease to automate the measurement process.

    ato digital counter

    How to Select a Gear Motor?

    A gear motor is a power transmission machinery, which is used by all levels of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. Many transmission equipments want to achieve the effect of low speed and high torque is used is the gear reducer, the use of gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor to the required number of revolutions, and get a larger torque mechanism.

    Air Compressor Motor Price List

    Air compressor motors are electrical devices that convert electrical current into mechanical rotational energy, or torque, by using alternating current from an electrical power grid or electrical generator. General-purpose air compressor motors, also known as induction motors, are electric motors that use a rotating magnetic field to generate torque for powering conveyors and machine tools.

    Spindle Motor Price List

    Spindle motor, also called high speed motor, refers to the AC motor with more than 10000 rpm. Mainly used in wood, aluminum, stone, hardware, glass, PVC and other industries, it has the advantages of fast speed, small size, light weight, low material consumption, low noise, low vibration, etc.

    air water cooled spindle

    Current Sensor Price List

    The current sensor converts a large current into a small current with the same frequency and phase to facilitate measurement or isolation. According to different transformation principles, current sensors generally have five technologies: Hall effect, fluxgate, electromagnetic induction, Rogowski coil (the principle of electromagnetic induction and Ampere’s loop law), and shunt (Ohm’s theorem). This article is to introduce the features of ATO current sensors and their prices.

    Push Button Price List

    Push button switch is pressed that action, release that reset is used to connect and break small current circuit electrical appliances, simple structure, the application is very wide. It uses the button to push the transmission mechanism, so that the dynamic contact and static contact press through or break and achieve circuit switching.

    push button

    AC Servo Spindle Motor Price List

    The operating principle of the AC spindle servo motor is that when the symmetrical three-phase winding on the stator is connected to the symmetrical three-phase, the excitation current is supplied by the power supply and a rotating magnetic field is established in the air gap between the stator and the rotor rotating at a synchronous speed. By the electromagnetic inductance, the induced potential is generated in the rotor guide bar. Because the rotor guide strip has formed a closed circuit, a current is running through the rotor guide strip. This generates electromagnetic torque and realizes the energy transformation from electrical energy to mechanical energy. ATO provides customers with a wide range of AC spindle servo motors of good quality with favorable prices.

    Servo spindle motor Servo motor junction box
    side compact junction box
    Voltage Sensor Price List

    The application of sensors involves machinery manufacturing, industrial process control, automotive electronics, communication electronics, consumer electronics and special equipment. There are various kinds of voltage sensors, and based on the measuring principle can be divided into Hall voltage sensors, photoelectric isolated voltage sensors, electrically isolated voltage sensors, voltage transformers and so on. Voltage sensors are able to sense the measured voltage and convert it into a usable output signal. In a variety of automatic detection and control systems, voltage sensors often track and collect AC and DC voltage signals that change at high speed. The signals may be high voltage, high current, or weak power with poor load capacity.  In these cases, it is necessary to use suitable voltage sensors to collect voltage signals that cannot be directly measured or mismatched, so as to obtain standardized and electrically isolated voltage signals. ATO offers a full range of voltage sensors with different measuring ranges at favorable prices.

    Control Transformer Price List

    Control transformers are compact dry-type transformers. It is often applied as a transformer for supplying power to machines, electrical machinery, relays, lighting, etc. As a power supply system for control circuits in electrical equipment. Control transformer is suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz, voltage 1000V and the following power supply circuit, which can work continuously for a long time at rated value. Control transformers operate on the basic principle of the magnetic effect of current. Control transformer consists of transformer core and coil transmission line. It has two coils, the primary coil and the secondary coil.  The secondary coil is outside the primary coil. When the primary coil is connected to the AC current, the transformer core creates an alternating electromagnetic field and the secondary coil creates an induced current. It can not only change the voltage of the AC current, but also change the characteristic impedance. And it can change the flow of electricity without exceeding the output power of the design scheme. ATO offers more reliable control transformers at a more affordable price.

    What is Torque Sensor?

    Torque sensors are divided into dynamic torque sensors and static torque sensors. The static torque sensor can also be called reaction torque sensor, while the dynamic torque sensor can also be called non-contact torque sensor or rotary torque sensor. Torque sensors are used for detecting the perception of torque on various rotating or non-rotating mechanical components. The torque sensor converts the physical changes of torsion into precise electrical signals. The torque sensor has the advantages of high precision, fast frequency response, good reliability and long life. ATO has many better torque sensors for sale.

    Common torque sensors are measured using bonded strain gauge technology, where the strain gauge is bonded to a suitably designed shaft. It features a circular shaft and a strain gauge torque sensor for 45 degrees applications. This design has been around for years. However, the design and configuration of the device will be determined by the application, the shaft can be solid or hollow, and the cross section can be different from cross, square or other custom designs in order to obtain maximum signal output. Shear stress is caused when torsion is applied to an axis causing it to distort.

    Toroidal Transformer Price List

    Toroidal transformer provides excellent output properties and anti-interference capability. It is a cost-effective and competitive transformer in electronic transformers. Toroidal transformers have developed a complete and mature series and are used in a wide range of applications such as computers, medical, household appliances and lighting. ATO toroidal power transformers are small, lightweight, and built with all copper wires. It has received numerous certifications for various international standards. The power capacity ranges from 50VA to 5kVA, with 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V AC 50/60Hz single primary voltage and various single or secondary voltages. Not only is the ATO toroidal transformer safe and reliable, but also affordable. We offer the best price for our customers with higher efficiency.