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    PH Electrode Price List

    The electrode used in potentiometry is various pH electrodes, such as universal combination pH electrode, PTFE pH electrode, FGD pH electrode, pH glass electrode, high-temperature pH electrode, etc. ATO pH electrodes are accurate, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and all at a reasonable price, below is the price list.

    ATO pH electrode price list

    Product Measuring range Temperature range Accuracy Compressive strength Weight Service life
    ph electrode 0-14pH 0-130℃ (32-266℉) 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 1kg 6 months

    We've listed pH electrodes in different shell materials, temperature ranges, measuring ranges and dimensions for your reference, they are all at great prices. For more information, please go to the ATO pH electrode products page.

    PH Electrode shell materials Temperature range Measuring range Dimension Price
    Combination pH electrode PPS/PC 0-60℃ (32-140℉) 0-14pH


    PTFE pH electrode PTFE


    Ph electrode for pure water Special glass 0-60℃ (32-140℉) 0-14pH

    *Cable length: 


    Ph electrode for flue gas desulfurization PPS/PC 0-60℃ (32-140℉) $199.37
    Ph glass electrode Glass 0-100℃ (32-212℉) $206.68
    Ph electrode for high-pressure Glass 0-80℃ (32-176℉) 0-12pH

    *Cable length: 


    Ph electrode for sterilization Glass 0-130℃ (32-266℉) 0-14pH



    *Cable length: other lengths less than 50m need to be custom.

    Note: The pH electrodes prices in the table are for reference. If you want to know more specific information or get a better price, please feel free to contact us.

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