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    pH Electrode for Pure Water

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    Pure water pH electrode for pure water treatment, special glass shell material, 0-100℃ temperature range, direct lead, 6 months service life.
    SKU: ATO-PHELE-6002
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    Combination pH electrode can be used for water sample with very low ionic strength, pure water industry, thermal power plant.


    • Adopt ceramic sand core liquid junction, two-liquid junction electrode, effectively extends electrode service life.
    • Shell material is special glass, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant.
    • The gel electrolyte does not require additional electrolyte.
    • Accessories: PTFE sheath or stainless steel sheath. Increase the acid and alkali resistance of the electrode, easy to install.
    • High-quality low-noise cable, can achieve 60m long distance signal transmission.


    Model ATO-PHETE-6002
    Weight 1kg
    Measuring range 0-14pH
    Accuracy 0.02pH
    Temperature range 0-100℃
    Temperature compensation * Internal temperature sensor (NTC 10K)
    Zero position 7±0.3pH
    Compressive strength 0.6MPa
    Slope ≥98%
    Installation size PG13.5 pipe thread
    Shell material Special glass
    Connection Direct lead
    Cable length * 5m/10m/15m, or other length less than 50m (need customization)
    Service life 6 months

    Specification of sheaths (optional accessories):

    Internal thread PG13.5 pipe thread PG13.5 pipe thread
    External thread 3/4NPT 3/4NPT
    Material PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Stainless steel

    The pH electrod installation methods:
    PH electrod installation methods
    1. Side wall installation (*The pH electrode must be at an angle of 15 degrees to the liquid surface. Otherwise, it will affect the normal use of the pH electrode.)
    2. Flange mounted at the top
    3. Pipe installation
    4. Top installation
    5. Submersible installation
    6. Flow-through installation

    Tips: What is a two-liquid junction reference electrode?
    Two-liquid junction reference electrode consists of two liquid-junction borders and two reference solution chambers. The external chamber is generally contained with kno3 solution while the internal chamber is contained with kcl solution. It has two distinct advantages. Firstly, reduce pollution. The measured solution can only pollute the solution in the external chamber but has limited influence on the kcl solution in the internal chamber. Secondly, reduce the liquid-junction blockage and chemical reactions between ions. For example, the s-, i- ions in the measured solution may react with the ag+ in the reference solution, thus producing insoluble silver compounds to block the liquid-junction boarder. Two-liquid junction reference electrode is the calomel electrode. It is generally used for industrial pH electrode.

    Existing reviews of pH Electrode for Pure Water
    pH electrode is low cost and accurate
    I like the fact that the glass probe has a removable cover around it for easy cleaning, it has lasted 6 months and I plan to order a few more pH electrodes, the price is fantastic.
    From: Prowin | Date: 04/01/2023
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    Accurate pH electrode
    I used to replace an old broken pH electrode that originally came with a pH electrode for hydroponic systems. The electrode had no trouble with compatibility and pH readings were very accurate upon arrival!
    From: Beahn | Date: 23/11/2022
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    Stable and well functioning pH electrode for pure water
    I have only used a pH electrode ater for a few days. From my many years of experience in using pH electrodes for pure water, this pure water pH electrode is great and stable, and it is a standard pure water pH electrode.
    From: Kempfe | Date: 20/04/2021
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