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    pH Glass Electrode

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    The pH glass electrode with sensitive glass bulb has two glass laminating, glass shell, 0-100℃ (32-212℉) temperature range, direct lead wire, 6 months service life.
    SKU: ATO-PHELE-5018
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    The pH glass electrode can be widely used for wastewater treatment, pure water industry, strong acid and alkali harsh environment.


    • Adopt sensitive glass bulb with area 217.6 square millimeter, five layers of glass-film.
    • Shell material is special glass, high temperature resistant, high pressure resistant, increase 30% impact resistance strength.
    • External reference electrode increases Ag+, prevent salt bridge blockage, ensure accurate output signal and longer service life.
    • Accessories: PTFE sheath or stainless steel sheath. Increase the acid and alkali resistance of the electrode, easy to install.
    • High-quality low-noise cable, can achieve 60m long distance signal transmission.


    Model ATO-PHETE-PH5018
    Weight 1kg
    Measuring range 0-14pH
    Accuracy 0.02pH
    Temperature range 0-100℃ (32-212℉)
    Temperature compensation * Internal temperature sensor (NTC 10K, Pt100, Pt1000)
    Zero position 7±0.5pH
    Compressive strength 0.4MPa
    Slope ≥98% (25℃)
    Installation size PG13.5 pipe thread
    Shell material Glass
    Film resistance <250MΩ
    Response time <1min
    Connection Direct lead wire
    Cable length * 5m/10m/15m, or other length less than 50m (need customization)
    Service life 6 months

    Specification of sheaths (optional accessories):

    Internal thread PG13.5 pipe thread PG13.5 pipe thread
    External thread 3/4NPT 3/4NPT
    Material PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Stainless steel

    The pH electrod installation methods:
    PH electrod installation methods
    1. Side wall installation (*The pH electrode must be at an angle of 15 degrees to the liquid surface. Otherwise, it will affect the normal use of the pH electrode.)
    2. Flange mounted at the top
    3. Pipe installation
    4. Top installation
    5. Submersible installation
    6. Flow-through installation

    Tips: Cautions for use
    pH electrode is an electrochemical consumable, it's different from instrument apparatus. Only mastering necessary maintenance knowledge can users prolong the service life of pH electrode.

    1. Clean the electrode with distilled water or deionized water before measurement, and then dry water with filter paper, so as to avoid impurities from entering the solution. Electrode bulb and liquid junction boarder shall be soaked in the measured liquid synchronously.
    2. The electrode shall be cleaned when not being used, and placed in the protective sleeve with saturated potassium chloride solution, or placed in the container with saturated potassium chloride solution.
    3. Check whether the terminals are dry. If they are polluted, wipe with anhydrous alcohol and dry before use.
    4. Avoid the electrode to be soaked in the distilled water or protein solution for a long time, avoid it from being contacted with silicone grease.
    5. Glass film of the electrode used for long time may become translucent or have sediments, wash it with dilute hydrochloric acid and wash with water.
    6. Users shall clean the pH electrode once a month and calibrate it with instrument.
    7. If the electrode can’t be normally calibrated or measured after maintaining with above methods, that means the electrode has been unable to restore its response, change a pH electrode timely.
    Existing reviews of pH Glass Electrode
    Durable pH glass electrode
    I use this pH glass electrode to measure pH of irrigation and feeding mixtures in a greenhouse, usually ranging between 7.6 and 5.2. It's accurate enough for those purposes and pretty darn durable.
    From: Johanes | Date: 01/12/2022
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    Long service life
    The pH glass electrode has a high enough accuracy. And most of all, the pH electrode has a really long service life. We have purchased many times for its high cost-effective.
    From: Logan | Date: 25/10/2018
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