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    Laser marking machine price list

    Laser marking machine can make marks on a variety of different materials's surfaces by laser beam. The method of laser marking is to expose the deep material by evaporating the surface material. Or through luminous energy, leading to physical & chemical changes of the surface material, and then "carve" marks on the surface. Or burning some materials by luminous energy to appear pattern and text required.
    ATO laser marking machine has special advantages, such as wide processing scope, high processing precision, high processing efficiency, long operation life, etc. Compared with other equipments on the market, it is more cost-effective.

    ATO laser marking machine price list

    Name SKU Price (USD) Focal length Marking field
    20w Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20PN 12,803.03 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm
    20w All-in-one Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20PI 13,181.82 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm
    20w Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20PH 13,560.61 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm
    20w Desktop fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20PL 14,696.97 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm
    20w Economic Fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20ED1 15,308.00 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm
    20w Economic Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20ED2 15,692.00 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm
    20w Economic Cabinet Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20ED3 14,538.00 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm
    20w Economic Desk Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20ED4 14,538.00 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm
    20w Economic Movable Fiber Laser Marking Machine ATOF20MD 16,462.00 387mm 228.6mmx228.6mm

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If want to get current quotation, please contact us now. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table list.

    Tips: Why do the laser marking machines have so great price difference on the market?
    When people are purchasing laser equipment like the fiber laser marking machine, they will find that at present, there are many companies in the laser marking industry. Moreover, these big or small companies will quote different prices. Therefore, people may get confused in buying a laser marking machine. They don't know where to start. However, no matter which company you choose, everyone knows the principle of "value for money". Then let's analyze the price difference in the following paragraph.
    No matter it is the fiber laser marking machine, or semiconductor marking machine or CO2 laser marking machine, the equipments produced by various manufacturers can all be used normally. Their equipments are all complete. The only difference lies in the brand. Because the laser which is the most important in the laser machine, its difference causing different price. The laser is utilizing the glass optical fiber of rare element to be a kind of gain medium. Then it generates a high-power and high-density particle transition medium in special photoelectric application. Finally, the so-called laser light is formed through other working mediums. Such a light source has a broad using scope. It has great advantages in marking/welding/cutting the metal and non-metal products as well as in the industrial manufacturing area.
    A good laser accessory can bring many advantages to the laser device. First of all, the cost manufacturing and technical support include the small size and low cost. A qualified fiber has no strict position matching to the incoming light source as the crystal technology does. It can absorb the photoelectricity evenly and automatically. The fiber application will also reduce the entire power consumption. Therefore, an even lower calorific value and wastage as well as the heat in low energy will not damage any product. The output energy can be divided into more energies. Furthermore, the coordination capability can be increased to carry out the coordination and concentration work of multiple beams. In addition, its requirement to the environment is cheaper. Its higher tolerability to the dust and temperature will enable it to get adapt to several environments. The conversion rate in high quality will also have a good effect in saving energy and using cost.
    Therefore, when people are purchasing the fiber marking device, although they have the same name, call, but the different price, I think people are aware of the reasons. Therefore, in choosing and buying the equipment, especially the laser equipment, the price can't be considered solely. Instead, people should try to comprehend from several aspects.

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