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    How to Reduce Ripple of Switching Power Supply?

    As to the ripple wave of the switching power supply, it certainly exists both theoretically and practically. Generally speaking, here are some approaches restraining or reducing it.
    Reducing EMI - diode back connection inductance
    The metal shell can be adopted as the shield which is used to reduce the radiated interference of the external electromagnetic field. In order to reduce the electromagnetic interference of the power line input, the power input terminal is equipped with the EMI power line filter, just as the below diagram shows (EMI filter is also named as the power line filter). This is also a method usually used to restrain the high-frequency noise.

    Linear vs. Switching Power Supply

    Power supply is an important part of the circuit design, and the stability of the power supply determines the stability of the circuit to a large extent. Linear power supply and switching power supply are two common power supplies, and they have a great difference in the principles which determine the difference between the two applications.

    How to Reduce Switching Power Supply Noise?

    Switching power supply (SMPS) is widely used due to its compact size, light weight and high efficiency. But it has its own disadvantage of producing noises, which not only affect the normal operation of the circuit, but also interfere with the neighboring electronic equipment. So how to reduce the noise of SMPS? First of all, we need know where the noise comes from, and then we can eliminate it accordingly.
    The noise of switching power supply can be divided into two major categories: one is the interference formed by the internal components of SMPS, and the other is the interference caused by the external factors. There are many sources of noise, such as external interference like lightning, mechanical vibration, poor contact and so on. Besides, improper design of circuit, improper parameter selection of components, unreasonable layout and wiring will also increase the power supply noise.

    Switching Power Supply Price List

    Switching power supply (SMPS) modulates pulses of input voltage by closing and opening the circuit of electronic switching devices (such as transistor, field-effect transistor, and silicon controlled thyratron) to fulfill output voltage adjustment, automatic voltage stabilization, and continuous voltage conversion between DC/AC or DC/DC. Switching power supply is mainly divided in two types, DC SMPS and AC SMPS. Switching power supply is composed of main circuit, control circuit, detection circuit, and auxiliary power supply. Now it is widely applied to all kinds of electronic devices due to its small size, light weight and high efficiency.
    ATO switching power supplies can convert full range of AC input to DC with protection of short circuit, overload and overvoltage, complying with safety & EMC standards. Besides, they are high reliability and long lifespan with favorable price.

    How to choose and use a switching power supply?

    How to choose a right switching power supply? Six tips will give you a guide of selecting a right SMPS power supply: voltage, power, load characteristics...
    How to use a switching power supply properly? To use a SMPS power supply properly and in long service life, some suggestions are made for your reference.

    Switching Power Supply Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

    When switching power supply blows a fuse, when there is no DC output or volatge output is unstable, when switching power supply has poor load capacity, how to do? Click it and then you will know how to deal with these problems as well as some repairing skills.