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    Quick Connector Price List

    Quick connectors are electrical connecting devices used in a wide variety of applications and their price varies depending on several factors. The price list can be based on the type, size, brand, and features of the quick connector. Below is the ATO store's price list for quick connectors for your reference.

    The Main Factors Affecting the Price of Quick Connectors

    • Connector Type: Different types of connectors (e.g. header hole type, threaded type, circular connectors) have different designs and functions, so the price of quick connectors is also different.
    • Size: The size of a quick connector is usually related to its current and voltage capacity. Large quick connectors are usually more expensive than small quick connectors.
    • Number of Wires: The price of a quick connector is usually related to the number of wires it can connect. Quick connectors with more connection points are usually more expensive.
    • Material and Quality: The material and quality of a quick connector's manufacturing have a significant impact on its price. Higher-quality quick connectors are usually more expensive.
    • Protection Level: The protection level of the quick connector (e.g. waterproof, dustproof) may also affect the price. Higher levels of protection usually require more expensive quick connectors.
    • Accessories and Fittings: Supplied accessories and fittings (e.g. adhesive seals, protective covers, installation tools, etc.) may add to the total cost. Quick Connectors Price List

    Product Name Type SKU USD
    Garden Hose Quick Connect, Male Connector M Type ATO-QC-M01 3.44
    Water Hose Quick Connector Intubation Type ATO-QC-I01 3.21
    Hose Quick Connector M Type ATO-QC-M02 4.85
    Air Hose Quick Connector Intubation Type ATO-QC-I02 3.27
    Water Hose Quick Connector M Type ATO-QC-M03 6.15
    Hose Quick Connector Intubation Type ATO-QC-I03 3.53
    Air Line Quick Connector M Type ATO-QC-M04 3.42
    Quick Connector for Water/Air Intubation Type ATO-QC-I04 3.55
    Air Hose Quick Connector M Type ATO-QC-M05 3.18
    Garden Hose Quick Connector Intubation Type ATO-QC-I05 2.25
    Water Line Quick Connector Intubation Type ATO-QC-I06 3.36

    Key Features of Quick Connectors

    1. Quick Connect and Disconnect: the name of quick connectors indicates their main features. They allow the user to quickly and easily connect and disconnect wires, cables, and equipment without the need for complex tools or specialized electrical knowledge. This saves time and labor, especially during maintenance and installation work.
    2. Reliability: Quick connectors are often designed and manufactured with reliability as a top priority. They are carefully designed to ensure a strong and reliable electrical connection that can withstand vibration, temperature changes, and other environmental factors. This reliability is critical for many applications.
    3. Multiple Types: Quick connectors come in a variety of types and sizes to suit different applications. The different types of connectors include header hole connectors, threaded connectors, circular connectors, rectangular connectors, and more. Each type has its unique characteristics and is suitable for different electrical systems and environments. Some quick connectors can support high currents and voltages and are suitable for large electrical systems and equipment.
    4. Versatile: Quick connectors can be used in a variety of applications, including home electrical, industrial automation, automotive electronics, medical devices, and aerospace. They have a wide range of applications for a variety of connection needs.
    5. Multi-Wire Connections: Quick connectors typically have multiple wires or pins, allowing the connection of multiple wires or cables. This makes them suitable for complex systems that require the connection of multiple electrical circuits.
    6. Protection: Some quick connectors are designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant to withstand harsh environmental conditions. This makes them suitable for outdoor, industrial, and aerospace applications.
    7. Ease of Installation: Installing quick connectors is often a relatively simple task that does not require complex tools or specialized skills. This allows users to install the connectors themselves, reducing repair and maintenance costs. Quick connectors are often easily customized to meet the needs of a specific application. Users can choose from a variety of connector types, sizes, and configurations to suit their project requirements. Quick connectors usually have a compact design that saves space, especially in applications with limited space.

    It is important to note that the price ranges in the good quality quick connectors price list are general estimates and actual prices may vary depending on geographic location and market conditions. When purchasing, it is recommended to compare prices with multiple suppliers and select the appropriate type and brand of quick connector for your project needs. It is also important to ensure that the quick connectors meet the required specifications and standards to ensure safety and performance.

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